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Intellectual Freedom Statement

In alignment with the University of Maryland’s free speech values and commitment to academic freedom, the UMD Libraries are dedicated to academic freedom, intellectual freedom, and equitable access to information. To promote the free exchange of ideas and serve the diverse educational, research, and information pursuits of the University of Maryland campus community, the Libraries are committed to providing the broadest possible access to programming, information, and services. The production of knowledge characteristic of a public university setting requires access to resources that reflect different points of view, disagreement, and, at times, controversy. The appearance of a resource in the collections or on display in the library environment does not necessarily mean that the Libraries advocate or endorse the ideas or statements found in that resource.

When questions, concerns, or challenges occur in relation to the Libraries’ programs, collections, or content, the Dean of Libraries is the ultimate party charged with following established library guidelines and procedures to address challenges regarding library resources and programming.

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