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Library Research Fund Recipients

The Library Research Fund supports research, scholarly activities, and innovative practices by library faculty and exempt staff. Twice a year, the Library Research Fund Committee reviews applications submitted by eligible personnel and awards small grants to support those projects.


  • Summer Cycle 2020
    • Ben Blake & Alan Wierdak, "Documenting Organized Labor as a Social Justice Movement: A Survey of Current Theory and Practice"
    • John Davis, "Transcribing Interviews with D.C. Punk Fanzine Creators in 2020"
    • Lindsay Inge-Carpenter & Andrew Greenman, "International Students and Citation Policies, Practices, and Politics"
  • Winter Cycle 2019
    • Kelsey Corlett-Rivera & Yishan Ding, "E-book perceptions and use at the University of Maryland"
    • Patricia Kosco Cossard & Michael Molyneaux-Francis, "Literature Review of the impact of the Solar Decathlon"
    • John Davis, "Transcribing interviews with D.C. punk fanzine creators and travel costs"
  • John Davis, "Interviewing Fanzine Creators for Research on D.C. Punk Fanzines"
  • Jodi Coalter, Nedelina Tchangalova, & Amy Troust, "Research Support Services in STEM Libraries: A Systematic Review"
  • Susan Wiesner, Rommie L. Stalnaker, Stephen Ramsay, & Ryan Pytlik Zilig, "Ritual"
  • Tim Hackman, "This Study is Overdue: Analyzing User Circulation Behavior through Fine Waiver Requests"
  • Eileen Harrington, "Academic Libraries and Public Engagement with STEM"
  • John Davis, "Interviewing fanzine creators for research on D.C. punk fanzines"
  • Stephanie Ritchie & Lauren Young, "Evaluation of Search Retrieval across Agricultural Science Databases"
  • Susan Wiesner, Rommie Stalnaker, Stephen Ramsay, & Brian Zillig "Schrittanz Zwei"
  • Andrew Horbal, "Instructor Use of and Preferences for Educational Streaming Video Resources"
  • Alex Carroll, Kelsey Cortlett-Rivera, & Tim Hackman, "E-Book Use and Attitudes at the University of Maryland"
  • Alex Carroll, Eileen Harrington, & Nedelina Tchangalova, "A Booster Shot for Health Science Librarianship: Using Canvas and PechaKucha to Flip the Library Classroom"
  • Irene Munster, "A tale of two libraries: Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Professional library merge with the Priddy Library, a branch of the University of Maryland Libraries - shared benefits and challenges"
  • Alex Carroll, Rebecca Goldfinger, jamie Mears, Steve Quintilian, & Madhu Singh, "WorldCat Local Usability at the University of Maryland"
  • Patti Cossard, Josh Westgard, Brin Winterbottom, & Sophia Lee, "Built Environment Resource Directory for the Metropolitan DC Area
  • Kelsey Corlett-Rivera & Tim Hackman, "Ebook Use and Attitudes in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland"