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Borrowing Policies

Borrowing eligibility and loan periods are determined by your status and affiliation. For more information about your level of access, see Access to Collections & Facilities. For more information about returning library materials, recalled library materials, or your responsibilities as a library patron, click on the relevant heading below.

Borrowers should return library materials by the due date shown in My Account.

  • Please note that the following materials should be return to the location from which you borrowed them:
    • Course reserve items
    • Special Loans
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL) items can be returned at most library service desks (see ILL Pick Up & Return for more information).
  • All other types of materials may be returned to any UMD library with the exception of Hornbake Library (See UMD's Libraries for more information). They may also be returned to the libraries at any of the other USMAI campuses.
  • Exterior book drops are available at several locations.

Note that while you may return sound recordings and audiovisual materials from UMD College Park campus libraries to any USMAI library, we encourage you to return those items to the owning location (e.g. the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library) to avoid damage. See also:

Most material may be renewed online 24/7 from the Catalog in My Account. Materials that cannot be renewed online include:

  • Materials recalled by another patron
  • Materials that are more than 30 days overdue
  • Materials that have reached a renewal limit imposed by the owning library
  • Materials that must renewed in person with the item in hand

If you are unable to renew online, you may visit any UMD library or any other USMAI library for assistance. Please note that:

  • Interlibrary loan items, Nonprint media items, course reserve items, or special loans are not available for online renewal
  • We are unable to renew items over the phone or at our service desks unless we have the item in hand.

See also:

Recalled material is material that another patron has requested to use. When that person recalls your material, the due date on your material will be shortened and you will be notified by email if you have an email address on file with the library, or by regular mail if not. This shows the new due date which is the original due date or 14 days from the notice date (whichever is sooner).

Additional information:

  • Recall fines are $5 per day for every day the book is kept past the recall due date
  • There is no grace period. The fines begin the first day the book is not returned.
  • An overdue recall item blocks library services for you until all overdue recalled items are returned

See also:

As a borrower, it is your responsibility to:

  • Keep borrowed items in good physical condition
  • Be aware of the library materials' due date as shown in My Account
  • Return or renew library materials by the due date
  • Return recalled material by its recall due date as shown in My Account
  • Inform the Library and the Registrar's Office of any changes to your name, address, or phone number -- see Updating Your Contact Information
  • Report a lost card immediately to the Library and the Registrar's Office
  • Show damage to the circulation desk staff before borrowing, to avoid paying charges for pre-existing damage
  • Pay any charges assessed to you or fill out the Billing Inquiry Form if you believe that they are false
  • Follow the Library User Rights and Responsibilities

You should not :

  • Loan your UMD ID or other type of borrower card to anyone else to use
  • Deface library materials
  • Write, underline, or use a highlighter in library materials
  • Fold, cut, or tear pages from library materials
  • Leave paper clips or self-adhesive notes in library materials