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ILL Fast Facts

Have you ever hesitated to submit an ILL request because you were afraid we wouldn't be able to get the item? Let these facts put you at ease that it's always better to ask! 

Partner Highlights

Did you know that through the Center for Research Libraries alone, we were able to borrow 272 items that would otherwise not be available through Interlibrary Loan? CRL specializes in rare or uncommon items from all over the world that would typically be non-circulating at their home libraries and therefore unavailable to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maryland. One request that was approved and sent was 83 pieces!

International Relations

In the past year, materials that were published in 127 countries from around the world were requested by UMD students, faculty, and staff. These materials were supplied to us by libraries from 25 countries

World map with color distribution by lending libraries

  • Our top international supplying countries were Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, & the UK. 
  • New suppliers of loan requests in the last year were Croatia, Slovenia, Lebanon, & South Africa.

By the Numbers

UMD users requested 48,031 items last year!

  • The fastest turnaround time for an article request was 8 minutes
  • 97% of materials requested last year were made available by the Date Needed. 


So whether it's for class, research, or even for fun, ILL is here to get you what you need!