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Due to safety restrictions relating to COVID-19, at this time physical items cannot be provided through Course Reserves, including the Top Textbooks. However, we can scan portions of the books we already own for electronic reserves or for individual requests.

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EXAM 101
10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests Volume VI, 2017
by Law School Admission Council
ISBN: 9780998339788
Call Number: EXAM101/LSAT 10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests Volume VI

HEIP 143
100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them, 2006
by Ross & Holland
ISBN: 9781402206313
Call Number: HEIP143/100 Great Businesses

BMGT 326
Accounting Information Systems, 13th edition, 2015
by Romney & Steinbart
ISBN: 9780133428537
Call Number: BMGT326/Accounting Info Systems

MATH 410
Advanced Calculus, 2nd edition, 2006
by Patrick M. Fitzpatrick
ISBN: 9780821847916
Call Number: MATH410/Advanced Calculus

CLAS 170
Aeneid, 2009
by Vergil (Ruden trans.)
ISBN: 9780300151411
Call Number: CLAS170/Aeneid

MATH 113
Algebra & Trigonometry (UMD Custom), 2nd edition
by Robert Blitzer
ISBN: 9781256682974
Call Number: MATH113/Algebra & Trig

MATH 113
Algebra & Trigonometry (UMD Custom), 3rd edition, 2016
by Robert Blitzer
ISBN: 9781323305577, 9781323305584
Call Number: MATH113/Algebra & Trig. 3rd

MATH 113
Algebra & Trigonometry Student Solutions Manual, 4th edition
by Daniel S. Miller
ISBN: 9780321575449
Call Number: MATH113/Algebra & Trig SSM

MATH 113
Algebra & Trigonometry Student's Solutions Manual, 5th edition, 2014
by Daniel S. Miller
ISBN: 9780321837363, 9781323305584
Call Number: MATH113/Algebra & Trig. SSM 5th

CMSC 451
Algorithm Design, 1st edition, 2005
by Kleinberg & Tardos
ISBN: 9780321295354
Call Number: CMSC451/Algorithm Design

American Consumer Society, 1865-2005, 2009
by Regina Lee Blaszczyk
ISBN: 9780882952642
Call Number: HIST289R/American Consumer

CCHS 342
American Corrections in Brief, 3rd edition, 2017
by Clear, Reisig, Petrosino, & Cole
ISBN: 9781305633735
Call Number: CCHS342/American Corrections in Brief

JOUR 200
American Journalists, 1997
by Donald A. Ritchie
ISBN: 9780195099072
Call Number: JOUR200/American Journalists

CLAS 170
An Iliad, 2013
by Peterson, O'Hare, & Homer
ISBN: 9780822226871
Call Number: CLAS170/An Iliad

CLAS 170
Anthology of Classical Mythology, 2nd edition, 2016
by Stephen Trzaskoma, R. Scott Smith, & Stephen Brunet
ISBN: 9781624664977, 9781624664984
Call Number: CLAS170/Anthology of Classical Myth

ENME 392
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (6th ed), 6th edition, 2014
by Montgomery & Runger
ISBN: 9781118539712
Call Number: ENME392/Applied Statistics & Probability for Engineers

ARCH 400
Architectural Graphics, 6th edition, 2015
by Francis D. K. Ching
ISBN: 9781119035664
Call Number: ARCH400/Architectural Graphics

INST 346
Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software, & Network: An Information Technology Approach, 5th edition, 2014
by Irv Englander
ISBN: 9781118322635
Call Number: INST346/Architecture of Computer Hardware

ARCH 400
Architecture: Form, Space, & Order, 4th edition, 2015
by Francis D. K. Ching
ISBN: 9781118745083
Call Number: ARCH400/Architecture

ARCH 400
Art of City Sketching, 2014
by Abrams
ISBN: 9780415817813
Call Number: ARCH400/Art of City Sketching

JOUR 181
Associated Press Stylebook, 2018 ed. edition, 2017
by Associated Press
ISBN: 9780917360671
Call Number: JOUR181/Associated Press Stylebook

BMGT 422
Auditing: a Risk-Based Approach to Conducting a Quality Audit, 10th edition, 2016
by Johnstone, Rittenberg, & Gramling
ISBN: 9781305080577
Call Number: BMGT422/Auditing

BMGT 340
BMGT 340 Business Finance, 2017 edition, 2017
by Hallows
ISBN: 9781323673027, 9781323673041
Call Number: BMGT340/Business Finance

BMGT 380
BMGT 380 Business Law Case Supl (Rev), 2012 edition, 2012
by McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9780078132759
Call Number: BMGT380/Case Supl

BMGT 380
BMGT 380 Business Law Case Supplement, 2015
by Mallor
ISBN: 9781259698170
Call Number: BMGT380/Case Supl 2015