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Due to safety restrictions relating to COVID-19, at this time physical items cannot be provided through Course Reserves, including the Top Textbooks. However, we can scan portions of the books we already own for electronic reserves or for individual requests.

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Zombie Survival Guide, 2003
by Max Brooks
ISBN: 9781400049622
Call Number: HIST289Y/Zombie Survival Guide

HIST 200
What This Cruel War Was Over, 2007
by Chandra Manning
ISBN: 9780307264824, 9780307277329
Call Number: HIST200/What This Cruel War Was Over

HIST 201
Violence in the West, 2009
by Marilynn Johnson
ISBN: 9780312445799
Call Number: HIST201/Violence in the West

HIST 134
Salem Witch Hunt: a Brief History with Documents, 2011
by Richard Godbeer
ISBN: 9780312484552
Call Number: HIST134/Salem Witch Hunt

HIST 134
Sacco & Vanzetti: the Men, the Murders, and the Judgement of Mankind, 2007
by Bruce Watson
ISBN: 9780143114284
Call Number: HIST134/Sacco & Vanzetti

Penguin Book of the Undead, 2016
by Scott G. Bruce
ISBN: 9780143107682
Call Number: HIST289Y/Penguin Book of the Undead

HIST 201
Johnstown Flood, 1968
by David McCullough
ISBN: 9780671207144
Call Number: HIST201/Johnstown Flood

HIST 201
Harvest Gypsies, 1988
by John Steinbeck
ISBN: 9781890771614, 9780930588380; 093058838X
Call Number: HIST201/Harvest Gypsies

HIST 201
Give Me Liberty! (vol. 2), 4th edition, 2014
by Eric Foner
ISBN: 9780393920314
Call Number: HIST201/Give Me Liberty! (vol. 2)

HIST 201
Feminism Unfinished, 2014
by Cobble, Gordon, & Henry
ISBN: 9781631490545
Call Number: HIST201/Feminism Unfinished

HIST 131
Democracy in America, 2010
by Alexis de Tocqueville
ISBN: 9780451531605, 9780872204959
Call Number: HIST131/Democracy in America

Consumer Society in American History: Reader, 1999
by Lawrence B. Glickman
ISBN: 9780801484865
Call Number: HIST289R/Consumer Society

HIST 134
Conspiracy in the Streets, 2006
by ed. Jon Weiner
ISBN: 9781565848337
Call Number: HIST134/Conspiracy in the Streets

HIST 200
Common Sense, 1997
by Thomas Paine (Herder ed.)
ISBN: 9780486296029
Call Number: HIST200/Common Sense

HIST 200
Colonial Era: A Documentary Reader, 2008
by Paul G. E. Clemens
ISBN: 9781405156622
Call Number: HIST200/Colonial Era: A Documentary Reader

HIST 200
Charlotte Temple, 2011
by Susanna Rowson (Cowell ed.)
ISBN: 9780312596804
Call Number: HIST200/Charlotte Temple

HIST 201
Blood Justice: the Lynching of Mack Charles Parker, 1986
by Howard Smead
ISBN: 9780195054293
Call Number: HIST201/Blood Justice

American Consumer Society, 1865-2005, 2009
by Regina Lee Blaszczyk
ISBN: 9780882952642
Call Number: HIST289R/American Consumer