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Due to safety restrictions relating to COVID-19, at this time physical items cannot be provided through Course Reserves, including the Top Textbooks. However, we can scan portions of the books we already own for electronic reserves or for individual requests.

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HLTH 377
Think Human Sexuality, 2011
by Kelly Welch
ISBN: 9781256155621
Call Number: HLTH377/Think Human Sexuality

HLTH 377
S.E.X., 2nd edition, 2016
by Heather Corinna
ISBN: 9780738218847
Call Number: HLTH377/S.E.X.

HLTH 200
Research Methods: the Concise Knowledge Base , 2005
by William M. K. Trochim
ISBN: 9781592601462
Call Number: HLTH200/Research Methods

HLTH 140
Personal Health: A Population Approach, 1st edition, 2020
by Kiely, Manze, & Palmedo
ISBN: 9781284099652
Call Number: HLTH140/Personal Health

HLTH 130
Introduction to Public Health (4th ed), 4th edition
by Mary-Jane Schneider
ISBN: 9781449697365
Call Number: HLTH130/Introduction to Public Health

HLTH 140
Health: the Basics (11th ed), 11th edition
by Rebecca J. Donatelle
ISBN: 9780321910424
Call Number: HLTH140/Health

HLTH 106
Drugs, Society and Human Behavior (15th ed), 15th edition
by Hart & Ksir
ISBN: 9780073529745
Call Number: HLTH106/ Drugs, Society, & Human Behavior