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Due to safety restrictions relating to COVID-19, at this time physical items cannot be provided through Course Reserves, including the Top Textbooks. However, we can scan portions of the books we already own for electronic reserves or for individual requests.

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SOCY 105
Understanding Social Problems, 9th edition, 2015
by Mooney, Knox, and Schacht
ISBN: 9781285746500, 978-1-285-76265-4
Call Number: SOCY105/Understanding Social Problems

SOCY 100
Sociology: the Essentials, 9th edition, 2017
by Andersen, Taylor, & Logio
ISBN: 9781305503083
Call Number: SOCY100/Sociology Ess.

SOCY 100
Sociology Project, 1st edition
by Jeff Manza
ISBN: 9780205949601
Call Number: SOCY100/Sociology Project

SOCY 230
Social Psychology Sociological Perspectives (3rd ed), 3rd edition, 2014
by Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas
ISBN: 9780205235001
Call Number: SOCY230/Social Psychology

SOCY 105
Social Problems, 6th edition, 2019
by Anna Leon-Guerrero
ISBN: 9781506362724
Call Number: SOCY105/Social Problems 6th

SOCY 105
Social Problems, 4th edition
by Anna Leon-Guerrero
ISBN: 9781452205434
Call Number: SOCY105/Social Problems

SOCY 100
Real World: An Introduction to Sociology, 6th edition, 2018
by Ferris & Stein
ISBN: 9780393639575
Call Number: SOCY100/Real World

SOCY 105
Introduction to Social Problems, 10th edition
by Thomas J. Sullivan
ISBN: 9780205896462
Call Number: SOCY105/Intro to Social