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Art Library Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, made up of faculty and students from the Art History & Archaeology, Studio Art, and the University Libraries has been constituted to consult and collaborate on the future of the Art Library, to come up with a short and long-term workable plan that fits the academic needs of the departments and the budgetary realities of campus.

If you have ideas or concerns to share, please contact the Art Librarian, Patricia Kosco Cossard, pcossard at


Patricia Kosco Cossard, Art Librarian, Committee Chair

Gary White, Associate Dean for Public Services, Libraries

Dan Mack, Associate Dean for Collection Strategies and Services, Libraries

Yelena Luckert, Head of Research Services, Libraries

Meredith Gill, Department Chair, Art History & Archaeology

Joshua Shannon, Associate Professor, Art History & Archaeology 

Madeline Gent, PhD Student, Art History & Archaeology

W.C. Richardson, Department Chair, Studio Art

Patrice Kehoe, Associate Professor, Studio Art

Rob Hackett, MFA Student, Studio Art