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Printing is available to our patrons via the Multifunctional Photocopiers (MFP) located on the first floor of the Art Library, by the Circulation Desk. You can directly send a print job from any public computer in the Art Library, or print directly at the photocopiers using your flash drive. Our MFP photocopiers also allows for free scanning, with the option to save your scan job to a portable USB drive.


Printing Directions for PC and MAC

  1. Preview your print job (the page/s you want to send to the printer). This is important, as the Libraries do not offer refunds on print jobs.
  2. Select Print from your browser or other software to send print job(s) to the print queue.
  3. Select the ART MFP printer.
  4. Enter a name or title for your print job. Enter your name in the Pharos Popup window.
  5. Click Continue. This will help you identify your print job (and distinguish it from those of other students) when you go to retrieve your print job from the print station.
  6. You may send multiple print jobs to the queue prior to printing. Print jobs will remain in the print queue for 4 hours.

Cost Per Print Page

$.10 / page  Black & White, 1-sided
$.20 / page  Black & White, 2-sided

$.50 / page  Color, 1-sided
$1.00 / page Color, 2-sided

Paper Sizes

8 1/2" x 11"
11" x 17"

How will I pay for my printing?

Patrons can use Terrapin Express (attached to University ID card) or purchase a Photocopy Card (intended for visitors) to pay for their printing. Photocopy Cards can be purchased for $1.00 (with $0.20 of pre-encoded value) at the Copy Card ATM. One of these two cards must be used; the printer stations will not accept cash.

What if I need to add money to my card?

  • Terrapin Express --You can add money to an existing Terrapin Express account inside the Libraries by inserting cash at the Copy Card ATMs, online or by telephone.

  • Photocopy Card --You can add money to your balance by inserting cash at the Copy Card ATMs.

For more information on Terrapin Express or the Libraries' Photocopy Card, please visit the library's main printing services page.