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  • Choose “Explore References” to search for literature and select the “concept” option for retrieving the references.
  • Since SciFinder executes searches simultaneously in the Chemical Abstracts database (CAPLUS) and MEDLINE, there will be some duplicate references in the retrieved set (there is some overlap in the journal coverage by the two databases). Before proceeding further with the search, remove these duplicates (select "Remove duplicates" from the Tools menu).
  • Drawing a structure in SciFinder
  • Downloading references from SciFinder and importing them into EndNote Web [Video]

 SciFinder is a platform that provides access to the following databases:

  • CAPLUS (the Chemical Abstracts database, which has patents, books, dissertations, in addition to journal articles; it also has the largest database for property information of chemical compounds); and
  • MEDLINE (known also as PubMed) (covers the biomedical literature)
  • CAS REGISTRY (Choose  “Explore Substances” to search for property information)
  • CAS REACT (Choose “Explore Reactions” to search for reactions)

For more details on performing literature searches in SciFinder, see this article:

 Baykoucheva, S. 2011. Comparison of the Contributions of CAPLUS and MEDLINE to the Performance of SciFinder in Retrieving the Drug Literature. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship (Summer 2011)

SciFinder Instructional Materials

Drawing a structure in SciFinder Scholar

Downloading references from SciFinder Scholar and importing them into EndNote Web [Video]