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About Collections Services


Collection Services acquires, describes, provides access to, maintains, and enhances the discovery of quality collections to support the research and teaching goals of the University of Maryland.


We are the foundation for the collections of the future.


Cooperation We work together well, ask for help when needed, and assist each other readily. We collaborate with colleagues internally (within Collection Services and our departments) and externally (across the Libraries, campus, and consortia.)

Equity   We pursue the creation of a workplace that is fair and equitable for all. We ensure that all staff are classified appropriately, have equal access to professional development opportunities, and have the information, equipment, and technology necessary to do their jobs.

Expertise   We are experts in our respective areas of responsibility and perform the highest quality work at all times. We strive to work efficiently and effectively, with the attention to detail our colleagues and users deserve.

Growth   We work to create a workplace that promotes personal and professional growth. As library professionals we are continually learning and working to expand our own knowledge and that of our colleagues.

Leadership   We are leaders in our areas of expertise. We take ownership of the work we do, lead by example, advocating for standards and technologies that better serve our users.

Respect   We approach our users and our colleagues with respect and model honesty, integrity, and openness in all our interactions. We work to create an environment of trust in Collection Services and in the Libraries as a whole.

User Satisfaction    Although much of our work happens "behind the scenes," we value and respect the time of every library user and strive to provide a seamless experience. We work continuously to create new or improve existing services.