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Appendix: FAQs and Contacts

What are some sources for identifying potential e-publications?

Peer Sites

Authoritative Collections


Faculty Recommendations

Internet Reviews

  • C&RL news articles and internet reviews
  • Chronicle Internet Resources

Where can I find more information on licensing issues?

  • CLIR/DLF Draft Model License
  • Contract Checklist, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Copyright in the Library: Acquisition under Contract
  • Intellectual Property: An Association of Research Libraries Statement of Principles
  • Licensing Issues, Association of Research Libraries
  • Licensing Resources, University of Texas System
  • LIBLICENSE, Yale University
  • Strategic and Practical Considerations for Signing Electronic Information Delivery Agreements

Whom should I contact with questions or concerns?

  • For information on the review of Electronic Resource Request Forms (ERRF), contact
  • Judy Markowitz, x41316. Arts and Humanities Collaborative Leader
  • Jim Miller, x59152, Science/Technology Collaborative Leader
  • Travis Johnson, x59261, Social Sciences/Allied Professions Collaborative Leader
  • For information on licensing, the status of a request, price quotes, or consortia, contact Betty Day, x59072, Manager. E-Content Management & Delivery
  • For information on print publications (such as subscription price, bundling, cancellation, etc.), contact Larry Kulp, x59982
  • For information on the e-publication guidelines, contact Gerri Foudy, x59028, Collection Management Team Leader