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New Resources

Note: If you access these databases from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in using your University of Maryland ID and password.

new icon60 Minutes 1997-2014 (Spring 2016)

Provides online full-episode access to all 60 Minutes broadcasts from 1997-2014, including many episodes not widely not seen since their original broadcast.

new iconDictionary of American Regional English (Fall 2015)

The Dictionary of American Regional English provides definitions and etymologies for words and phrases that vary region to region in the United States, including 4,000 audio recordings that demonstrate various regional pronunciations as collected in the mid-20th century.

new iconAsahi Shimbun Kikuzo II (Fall 2015)

Asahi Shinbun articles (1879-present), Aera & Shukan Asahi (1984-present), Chiezo (current issue), Who’s Who, Historical Photo Archive (1931-1945), Asahi Graph(1923-1956), English-language News (2001-present).