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Detailed Off-Site Shelving Policies

  1. Any periodicals in off-site shelving will be non-circulating. Patrons can request articles from journals in OSS and these will be photocopied and sent directly to the patron. Researchers can also request full volumes from storage and these will be delivered to McKeldin.
  2. Non-circulating materials in OSS are not sent to any library other than McKeldin. Patrons consult the material in McKeldin.
  3. In order to take advantage of the efficiencies of patron-placed holds and for items to be delivered to the requesting library, the status of all monographs in off-site shelving will be circulating. For rare or fragile materials, the circulation status can be limited to 24 hours.
  4. OSS is not the preferred location for new acquisitions, including gifts.
  5. Gathering in-house use data for non-circulating collections began in the fall of 2006. We will therefore be building data to help identify low-use non-circulating materials in campus collections.
  6. Refer to Preservation's Condition Criteria for Weeding to inform transfer or withdrawal decisions. Keep the best copy in the Libraries or on campus.
  7. Rebound books will not have date due slips in them. Look at the bindery's sticker in the front or back end sheets to determine when the volume was rebound. Because Circulation identifies books for repair, rebinding is an indication of high or recent use.
  8. A white dot on the spine of a volume and a sticker inside indicates that a book has been deacidified. Given a choice of multiple copies, the copy that has been deacidified should not be withdrawn. Libraries that have circulating deacidified books are McKeldin and EPSL.
  9. Transferring an item out of off-site shelving back into a campus collection is done rarely and only when certain criteria are met:
  • A faculty member needs to use an item repeatedly for research or for Course Reserves
  • To fulfill a request to correct inadvertent errors in the transfer of parts of multi-volume sets or serials.

To request a permanent transfer from OSS:

  • Permanent transfers from OSS require the signature of the Collection Management Team Leader or, if s/he is not available, the Director for the Collection Management and Special Collections Division.
  • Send a transfer slip to the Collection Management Team Leader along with a note that addresses the above criteria.
  • The CMT Leader sends the signed form to the Head, Adaptive Cataloging/Database Management or the Team Leader for Database Management in Technical Services Adaptive Cataloging /Database Management.
  • ACDM will arrange directly with the OSS facility staff for the material to be delivered for processing into campus collections.

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