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926-931 of 931 results

References Western-language books, journal articles, and conference proceedings, including citations to all articles from the 100 most-used journals in Asian Studies.


Covers a wide range of subject areas in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences on all parts of Asia.

Time Span:
1971- to present

The Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Parts I and II) is a full-text searchable digital database of over 180,00 English-language and foreign-language titles printed in the United Kingdom during the 18th century, along with thousands of works from the Americas. It includes a variety of materials, from books and directories, Bibles and sheet music to sermons and advertisements, Includes both well-known and lesser-known authors and canonical titles of the period as well as contemporary works that analyze and debate those same titles.


DRUM provides digital repository services for the University of Maryland. Currently there are three types of materials in our collections: faculty deposited documents, a Library managed collection of UM doctoral dissertations, and a collection of technical reports.


New submissions to the thesis/dissertation collections are added automatically as they are received from the Graduate School. Currently, the Graduate School deposits all theses and dissertations from a given semester after the official graduation date. This means that there may be up to a 4 month delay in the appearance of a given thesis/dissertation in DRUM.

Time Span:

Core American history database now includes unique full-text coverage of nearly 200 journals and 100 books. Information on articles, books, book reviews, and dissertations on U.S. and Canadian history from prehistory to the present. Covers more than 2000 international worldwide.


All aspects of historical research.

Time Span:

With nearly 170,000 entries on artists from antiquity to the present day and featuring regular updates, Benezit is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language.


2 Simultaneous users. The definitive international bibliography for the history of science, technology, and medicine and their influence on culture, this database now integrates four separately created bibliographies. Expanded at the end of 1999 to include records from an internationally renowned medical collection. Covers pre-history to the present.


Describes journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book reviews, and dissertations in all scientific disciplines and related fields. Citations reflect the contents of nearly 9,500 journals.

Time Span:
1975 to the present.

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