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"Did You Know...?" In Context 8 (May 2000): [2].
Category: General | Other

"Feather Rock Petroglyphs." Glades Star, 8 (March 1997): 182-85, 191.
Category: General

"First Things First." Maryland, 28 (January 1996): 25, 27.
Category: General

"Important Dates in Maryland's History." Harford Historical Bulletin, 46 (Autumn 1990): 91-99.
Category: General

"Maryland Bibliography: 1951." Maryland Historical Magazine 47 (March 1952): 55-61.

"Maryland Bibliography: 1952." Maryland Historical Magazine 48 (March 1953): 53-64.

"Maryland Bibliography: 1953." Maryland Historical Magazine 49 (March 1954): 64-69.

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Annotations / Notes: Published regularly since 1923, the 53rd edition was printed in 2001.

Dictionary of United States History, vol. 2a, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey. Murrieta, CA: U.S. History Publishers, 2006.

Directory of Historical Organizations. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press, 2001.
Annotations / Notes: This directory, an occasional publication in its fifteenth edition since 1936, is the product of the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH). The AASLH is the major professional association for local history practitioners -- curators, librarians, archivists, educators, etc.

Directory of Subject Collections in Maryland Libraries. [Parkton, MD]: Baltimore Chapter, Special Libraries Association, 1986.

The Official Museum Directory. Washington, DC: American Association of Museums, 1971-.
Annotations / Notes: This guide has been published yearly since 1971. The American Association of Museums is the museum world's major professional organization, although it is oriented more towards large wealthy institutions.

“Guide to Historic Sites in Maryland.” American Heritage, 62 (Winter/Spring 2012): 95-102.
Category: General

“Maryland Flag Notes.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, (Summer 2011): 28-32.
Category: General

“New Twist to an Old Mystery.” Glades Star, 9 (September 2002): 579-81, 577.
Category: General

“Old Glory Gets Star Treatment at the Smithsonian.” American History, 43 (October 2008): 13.
Category: General

“Society Sponsors Historic Flag Display.” The Legacy, 45 (Early Fall 2007): 1, 3.
Category: General

“The Star-Spangled Banner.” Sea History, 140 (Autumn 2012): 32.
Category: General

Adkins, L. M., ed. Maryland. Woodstock, VT: Countryman Press, 2002.
Category: General

Adkins, Leonard M. Maryland: An Explorer's Guide. 4th ed. Woodstock, VT: Countryman Press, 2013.
Category: General