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"Folly Run Indian Village." Glades Star, 9 (June 1999): 55-57, 48.

"Growing Up in a Yaocomaco Indian Village." A Briefe Relation, 23 (Summer 2001): 5.
Category: Native American

"Indian Trails and Camp Sites." Glades Star, 7 (December 1992): 130-34.
Category: Native American

"Indian Trails and Campsites." Glades Star, 7 (March 1993): 144-47.
Category: Native American

"Indians in Oakland." Glades Star, 7 (December 1994): 454.

"Iron Horse Fair Indians In Oakland." Glades Star, 9 (September 2001): 436.

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Category: Native American

"Surgeon General of the Army." Maryland Medical Journal, 44 (November 1995): 850.

"The 'Grassy Cabbin' Indian Camp." Glades Star, 7 (March 1995): 511-12.
Category: Native American

"The Great Game." Johns Hopkins Magazine 7 (April 1956): 7-9, 20-21.
Annotations / Notes: The article discusses the Native American origins of lacrosse in a game called "baggattaway," tracing its adaption in the nineteenth century as a popular sport among Canadians and its spread to the United States. First played in Baltimore in the 1870s, it became a club and intercollegiate sport in the area. In 1928 lacrosse arrived on the world scene as a sport at the Amsterdam Olympics.

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

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