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Maryland Commission for Women. Maryland Women's Hall of Fame. Annapolis: The Commission, 1992.

Maryland Heritage Committee. Report of the Maryland Heritage Committee to the Governor and General Assembly of Maryland. Annapolis, MD: The Committee, 1985.
Category: General

Maryland State Department of Education. Maryland Commission for Women. Album of Maryland Women, Vision and Action: A Women's History Display Kit. Baltimore: The Department, 1991.

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Category: General

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Meyer, Eugene. Maryland Lost and Found: People and Places from Chesapeake to Appalachia. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986.
Category: General

Michael, Mary. Maryland History. Funkstown, Md.: Tri-State Printing, 1983.
Category: General

Miller, Henry M. “The Dutch Demise & Maryland.” A Briefe Relation, 35 (Autumn 2014): 1, 5.
Category: General | Ethnic History

Mitchell, Charles W. Travels through American History in the Mid-Atlantic. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.
Category: General

Molotsky, Irvin. The Flag, the Poet, and the Song: The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner. New York: Dutton, 2001.

Moose, Katie. Chesapeake's Bounty. Annapolis, MD: Conduit Press, 2000.
Category: General | Other

Moose, Katie. Maryland's Western Shore: The Guidebook. Annapolis: Conduit Press, 2001.
Category: General

Neill, Rev. Edward D. "Light Thrown by the Jesuits upon Hitherto Obscure Points of Early Maryland History." Pennsylvania Magazine, 5 (no. 1, 1881): 51-59.
Category: General | Religion

Niemeyer, Lucian. Chesapeake Country. New York: Abbeville, 2000.
Category: General | Other

Noe, Barbara A. The Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Guidebook: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2000.
Category: General

Noe, Barbara A. The Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Guidebook: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2000.

Oman, Anne H. 25 Bicycle Tours in Maryland From the Allegheny Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. 2nd edition. Woodstock, VT: Backcountry Guides, 2001.
Category: General

Otfinoski, Steve. Maryland: it’s my state. Tarrytown, NY: Benchmark Books, 2003.
Category: General

Parsons, Richard, ed. Guide to Specialized Subject Collections in Maryland Libraries. 2d ed. Baltimore: Baltimore County Public Library, 1974.

Phillips, Glenn O. "Maryland and the Caribbean, 1634-1984: Some Highlights." Maryland Historical Magazine, 83 (Fall 1988): 199-214.
Category: General