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Colburn, Zerah. Locomotive Engineering, and the Mechanism of Railways: a Treatise on the Principles and Construction of the Locomotive Engine, Railway Carriages, and Railway Plant. London: Glasgow, W. Collins, sons, and company, 1871.
Annotations / Notes: No-one wrote better about the steam locomotive than Colburn, who was also a founder and editor of American engineering journals. This last of his great works was published a year after his suicide.

Colburn, Zerah. The Locomotive Engine: Including a Description of its Structure, Rules for Estimating its Capabilities, and Practical Observations on its Construction and Management. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1854. [Railroad historian John H. White, Jr. describes the author as "a leading authority on locomotive engineering and one of the most gifted technical writers of the nineteenth century," and his book as "a small but valuable manual." It includes material on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and its greatest early locomotive builder, Ross Winans.

Cole, Merle T. "89 CG/OLC: The Davidsonville Transmitter Station." Anne Arundel County History Notes 25 (January 1994): 7-8, 19.

Colfield, Sara Rivers and Edward Chaney. “‘A Flashing of Sparks’: Susanna Sewall and Colonial Science.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, 54 (Summer 2007): 412-14.

Cope, Thomas D. 'The First Scientific Expedition of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon." Pennsylvania History, 12 (January 1945): 24-33.

Cordts, Jeanne. "Irwin Engel Gilbert: Photographer of the National Road." Journal of the Alleghenies, 17 (1991): 44-52.

Costello, John. "As the Twig Is Bent: the Early Life of John Mauchly." IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 18 (1996): 45-50.

Cowles, R.P. "A Biological Study of the Offshore Waters of Chesapeake Bay." Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Fisheries 46 (1930): 277-381.
Annotations / Notes: Cowles and his predecessor Lewis Radcliffe were the first to do coordinated studies of the hydrography and biology of the Bay, from 1915 to 1922. The kinds of organisms they found suggest the Bay was not yet experiencing the chronic summer loss of deep water dissolved oxygen encountered in today's polluted estuary.

Cox, Harold E. Electric Cars of Baltimore. Forty Fort, PA: Published by the author, 1979.

Cox, Richard J. "Professionalism and Civil Engineering in Early America: The Vicissitudes of James Shriver's Career, 1815-1826." Maryland Historical Magazine, 74 (March 1979): 23-28.

Cronin, William B. Volumetric, Areal and Tidal Statistics of the Chesapeake Bay Estuary and its Tributaries. Special Report 20, Ref.71-2.Chesapeake Bay Institute, 1971.

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “The Incubator Heats Up.” Maryland Life, 2 (July/August 2006): 72-75.

Cusimano, William. "Bridgework." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 19 (September 1989): 41-45.
Annotations / Notes: Construction of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Davis, Milton A., and Charles S. Roberts. B&O Salute. Baltimore: Barnard, Roberts & Co., 1987.

Davis, Timothy Mark. "Mount Vernon Memorial Highway and the Evolution of the American Parkway." Ph.D. diss., University of Texas at Austin, 1997.

De Pasquale, Sue. "'Live from Baltimore-It's the Johns Hopkins Science Review'." Johns Hopkins Magazine, 47 (February 1995): 14-20.

Dennis, Michael Aaron. "A Change of State: the political cultures of technical practice at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, 1930-1945." Ph.D. diss., Johns Hopkins University, 1991.

Dilts, James D. "Baltimore's Bridges." Baltimore Sun Magazine , 19 July, 1981.

Dilts, James D. The Engineers 1905-1980. Baltimore: Engineering Society of Baltimore, Inc., 1980.
Annotations / Notes: History of the Engineering Society.

Dilts, James D. The Great Road: The Building of the Baltimore and Ohio, the Nation's First Railroad, 1828-1853. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1993.