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Blumgart, Pamela James, ed. At the Head of the Bay: A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County, Maryland. Elkton, MD: Cecil Historical Trust, 1996.
Annotations / Notes: This beautifully illustrated book presents a history of the development of the county along with a history of its architecture, including house forms, methods of construction, and outbuildings, along with brief write-ups on 700 historic sites.

Boyce-Ballweber, Hettie I. "Cultural Manifestations at the Friendsville Site in Garrett County, Maryland." Pennsylvania Archaeologist, 57 (September 1987): 1-77.

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Brighton, Stephen A. “Applied Archaeology and Community Collaboration: Uncovering the Past and Empowering the Present.” Human Organization, 70 (Winter 2011): 344-54.
Category: Archaeology

Brock, Terry. “Layers of History.” A Briefe Relation, 30 (Spring 2008): 3.
Category: Archaeology

Brossman, Katherine. “Dirt Detective.” Baltimore, 105 (May 2012): 122-23.
Annotations / Notes: Al Luckenbach

Brown, Lois E. and Dennis C. Curry, comps. Bibliography of Maryland Archeology. Archeological Studies, no. 2. [Baltimore]: Maryland Geological Survey, 1981.
Category: Archaeology

Brown, Roy H. “Replication of a Hide-Smoking Feature.” Maryland Archeology, 43 (September 2007): 31-34.
Category: Archaeology

Brown, Roy. "The Polish Mountain Stone Circle, Allegany County, Maryland." Maryland Archeology, 25 (September 1989): 29-32.

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Callard, Abby. “Local Dinosaurs.” Smithsonian, 40 (February 2010): 26.
Category: Archaeology

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Caputo, Joseph. “Bone Cops.” Smithsonian, 39 (March 2009): 25.
Category: Archaeology

Chaney, Edward. “Popes Creek Pottery Vessels.” Maryland Archeology, 47 (September 2011): 37-38.

Cheek, Charles D., Joseph Balicki, and John Pousson. “On the shore dimly seen…”:An archaeological overview, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Baltimore, Maryland. Alexandria, VA: John Milner Associates, Inc., 2000.

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Category: Archaeology

Chidester, R.C. and D.A. Gadsby. “One Neighborhood, Two Communities: The Public Archaeology of Class in a Gentrifying Urban Neighborhood.” International Labor and Working-Class History, 76 (Fall 2009): 127-46.

Chidester, Robert C. A Historic Context for the Archaeology of Industrial Labor in the State of Maryland. Crownsville, MD: Maryland Historical Trust, 2004.

Chidester, Robert C. “Class, Community, and Materiality in a Blue-Collar Baltimore Neighborhood: An Archaeology of Hampden-Woodberry.” Ph.D. diss., University of Michigan, 2009.