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Anderson, Patricia Dockman. "Laying the Foundations: Herbert Baxter Adams, John Thomas Scharf, and Early Maryland Historical Scholarship." Maryland Historical Magazine 89 (Summer 1994): 170-83.
Annotations / Notes: Adams and Scharf were two of Maryland's leading late nineteenth century historians. They, however, represented two very different historical schools. Adams, a Johns Hopkins professor, was instrumental in the professionalization of the history discipline. Scharf was a "chronicler", a local historian. He also had a strong interest in document preservation. Adams played a pivotal role in the donation of Scharf's collection to Hopkins. Scharf's collection is now housed at the Maryland State Archives.

Andes, Laurie. “Copybooks and Commonplace Books: Writing to Learn on the Eastern Shore.” Shoreline, 18 (June 2011): 12-15.
Category: Education | Eastern Shore

Andrews, Andrea. "The Baltimore School Building Program, 1870-1900: A Study in Urban Reform." Maryland Historical Magazine 70 (Fall 1975): 260-274.

Archives and Manuscripts. The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1980.

Ascher, Carol and Edwina Branch-Smith. ”Precarious Space: Majority Black Suburbs and their Public Schools.” Teachers College Record, 107 (no. 9, 2005): 1956-73.

Austin, Page Insley. “Memories of a Woman’s Education During the 1960s.” Shoreline, 18 (June 2011): 8-9.

Aziza, Halima. “Forward Thinking.” Maryland Life, 9 (April 2013): 62-69.
Category: Education

Aziza, Halima. “Prescription for Success.” Maryland Life, 5 (September/October 2009): 66-69.
Category: Education

Babcock, Jason. “St. Mary’s Schools Before Public Transportation Listed in May 20, 1924, edition of the St. Mary’s Beacon.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, 55 (Summer 2008): 517-24.

Bache, Ellyn. "Miss Mary and the Book Wagon." Maryland 21 (Winter 1988): 32-33.

Baker, Mary Lou. “A Clear Vision: How B.I.S.M. Helps Blind Marylanders Focus on the Future.” Maryland Life, 7 (March/April 2011): 76-79.
Category: Education

Baltimore History Network. Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources. Baltimore: Baltimore History Group, 1989.

Baltimore Museum of Art. :Annual I The Museum: Its First Half Century. Baltimore: The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1966.
Annotations / Notes: A history of the first fifty years of the BMA, from its start as a City-Wide Congress Committee on Founding an Art Museum (1911), to its temporary home in Mount Vernon, to the construction of its permanent home in Wyman Park. A major thesis is that a very modern thinking museum became a great success in a city known for being conservative. Nicely illustrated with works from the collection and photographs of museum activities.

Banks, Theresa Douglas. "The Development of Public Education for the Negro in Prince George's County (1872-1946)." M.A. thesis, Howard University, 1948.

Banks, Wanda Watkinson. “Factors Contributing Toward New Teachers Leaving Education: A Descriptive Study of Wicomico and Worcester County Public Schools.” Ed.D. diss., Wilmington College, 2005.

Banks, Willa Young. “A Contradiction in Antebellum Baltimore: A Competitive School for Girls of ‘Color’ Within a Slave State.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 99 (Summer 2004): 132-63.

Bashaw, Carolyn Terry. "We Who Live 'Off on the Edges':Deans of Women at Southern Coeducational Institutions and Access to the Community of Higher Education, 1907-1960." Ph.D. diss., University of Georgia, 1992. [Adele H. Stamp]
Category: Education | Women

Bashaw, Carolyn Terry. "Stalwart Women": A Historical Analysis of Deans of Women in the South. New York: Teachers College Press, 1999.
Category: Education | Women | Other

Baum, Howard S. Brown in Baltimore: School Desegregation and the Limits of Liberalism. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2010.

Baum, Howell S. Community Action for School Reform. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2003.
Category: Education