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Cawley, Alexa Silver. "A Passionate Affair: The Master-Servant Relationship in Seventeenth-Century Maryland." The Historian 61 (Summer 1999): 751-63.

Cawley, Alexa Silver. “‘To go…and make peace with him:’ Friendship and Community in Seventeenth-century Kent County.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 101 (Summer 2006): 142-66.

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Clark, Raymond B. and Sara Seth Clark. Calvert County, Maryland, Wills, 1654-1700. St. Michaels: n.p., 1974.

Clayton, John Edmund, and Dorothy Berkeley, eds. "Another Account of Virginia." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 76 (1687): 415-436.
Annotations / Notes: This is a convenient abstract of Clayton's Virginia descriptions, equally applicable to Maryland, discussing a wide variety of animals and plants, their uses and special characters. The Reverend Clayton wrote considerably more.

Clem, Alan. "The Vestries and Local Government in Colonial Maryland," Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 31 (September 1962): 219-29.

Clemens, Paul G.E. "The Settlement and Growth of Maryland's Eastern Shore During the English Restoration." Maryland Historian, 5 (Fall 1974): 63-78.

Coale, Joseph M. Middling Planters of Ruxton, 1694-1850. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1996.
Annotations / Notes: A history of this Baltimore County community arranged around the seven land patents that define that portion of the County. The author makes a broad use of primary sources and touches upon the history of the churches, towns, and schools.

Codignola, Luca. "Roman Catholic Ecclesiastics in English North America, 1610-58: A Comparative Assessment." Historical Studies: Canadian Catholic Historical Association [Canada] 65 (1999): 107-124.

Coers, D. V. "New Light on the Composition of Ebenezer Cook's Sot-Weed Factor." American Literature 49 (January 1978): 604-06.
Annotations / Notes: Coers offers evidence to support the contention that Ebenezer Cook's satire The Sot-Weed Factor was likely written no earlier than 1702, later than the 1695 date previously ascribed. He draws upon internal references in Cook's writing to Queen Anne, not crowned monarch until 1702, and a Dorchester County Court land record to support his case. The later date would suggest that the work was based on his visit to Maryland in the 1690s, but not written until afterwards.

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