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Eick, Caroline. “Student Relationships Across Social Markers of Difference in a Baltimore County, Maryland, Comprehensive High School, 1950-1969.” History of Education Quarterly, 50 (August 2010): 359-89.

Eisenberg, John. “Sagamore Farm Reborn.” Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, 16 (February 2008): 24-30.

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Fee, Elizabeth, et. al. "Baltimore by Bus: Steering a New Course through the City's History." Radical History Review 28-30 (1984): 206-216.
Annotations / Notes: A discussion of the development of the alternative, left oriented, "People's Bus Tour" of Baltimore. The tour's intention was to demonstrate the diversity of Baltimore and to show the conflicts and processes that affected the City's working class. Class relations are interpreted throughout Baltimore's history by visiting significant and visually interesting places.

Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes and Linda Zeidman, eds. The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1991.
Annotations / Notes: Eleven essays documenting the working class history of Baltimore, stretching across many of Baltimore's neighborhoods -- from Federal Hill to Hampden, Edmondson Village to Dundalk. This work grew out of a "People's History Tour of Baltimore". Each chapter includes a map of relevant sites. There are fifteen interviews. It is well illustrated and includes an excellent bibliography.

Forbes, Marie. Speaking of Our Past. A Narrative History of Owings Mills, Maryland, 1640-1988. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1988.

Forbes, Marie. St. Thomas' Parish. Garrison, Md.: St. Thomas Church, 1992.

Fracchia, Adam. “Laboring in Stone: The Urbanization of Capital in the Quarry Town of Texas, Maryland, and its Effects, 1840 to 1940.” Ph.D. diss., University of Maryland, College Park, 2014.

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Frank, Beryl. "Lexington on the Hookstown Road." History Trails 17 (Autumn 1982): 1-3.

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Frank, Beryl. A Pictorial History of Pikesville, Maryland. Towson, MD: Baltimore County Public Library, 1982.

Frank, Beryl. Way Back When in Sudbrook Park. Baltimore: Sudbrook Park, Inc., 1997.
Annotations / Notes: The major focus of this work are the one to two pages, illustrated, histories of 17 selected houses. Although architecture is mentioned, the major focus is on the lives of the people who occupied the houses. Their is a description of community life by the activities of the months. Over 60 people were interviewed for this work.

Gadsby, David A. and Robert C. Chidester. “Heritage and ‘Those People’: Representing Working-Class Interests through Hampden’s Archaeology.” Historical Archaeology, 45 (no. 1, 2011): 101-13.

Gelbert, Doug. Company Museums, Industry Museums, and Industrial Tours: A Guidebook of Sites in the United States That Are Open to the Public. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1994. 94-104.
Annotations / Notes: Brief descriptions of fifteen industrial sites in Maryland. When considering sites on this topic most museum goers would probably know of the Baltimore Museum of Industry but people may overlook many of the other sites covered, such as the Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum, the Poultry Hall of Fame, and the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Visitor Center.

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