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Aberbach, Moses. Soloman Baroway: Farmer, Writer, Zionist and Early Baltimore Social Worker. Baltimore: Baltimore Jewish Historical Society, 1990.

Abrams, Susan L., Gert H. Brieger, A. McGehee Harvey, and Victor A. McKusick. A Model of Its Kind: A Centennial History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins. 2 vols. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989.
Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

Abromaitis, Carol N., ed. The Papal Visit: John Paul II, Baltimore. Baltimore: Cathedral Foundation Press, 1995.
Category: Religion | Baltimore City

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Acquavita, Shauna P., Bruce R. Deforge, Caroline Long Burry, et al. “Individual and Community Predictors of Maternal Smoking in the City of Baltimore: What Can Be Learned From a Predominantly Minority Case Controlled Study?” Social Work in Health Care, 51 (no. 3, 2012): 197-212.
Category: Medicine | Women | Baltimore City

Acs, Z. J. and M.I. Megyesi. “Creativity and Industrial Cities: A Case Study of Baltimore.” Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 21 (no. 4, 2009): 421- 39.

Acton, Lucy. "The Museum of the Iron Horse." Baltimore 67 (May 1974): 38ff.

Adams, Cheryl, and Art Emerson. Religion Collections in Libraries and Archives: A Guide to Resources in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Washington: Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress, 1998.
Annotations / Notes: Institutional level descriptions for nineteen Maryland libraries and archives holding significant religious collections. A tremendous level of detail is given. Subject headings are assigned to each institution. This guide is also available online at

Adams, Eric. "Discord in Charm City." Historic Preservation 48 (March/April 1996): 22-23.

Addison-Darneille, and Henrietta Stockton. "For Better or For Worse." Civil War Times Illustrated 31 (May/June 1992): 32-35, 73.

Adler, Larry. It Ain't Necessarily So. New York: Grove Press, 1987.
Annotations / Notes: Autobiography of a Baltimore-born musician.

Agle, Anna Bradford, and Sidney Hovey Wanzer, eds, "Dearest Braddie: Love and War in Maryland, 1860-61, Part I." Maryland Historical Magazine 88 (Spring 1993): 73-88.
Annotations / Notes: Letters from Edward Spencer to Anne Catherine Bradford Harrison, written during their courtship in late 1860 and 1861, provide evidence of tensions related to Unionist vs. Secessionist sentiment in Maryland in the critical months leading up to the Civil War. Edward initially hopes that the Union can be preserved, but increasingly expresses alarm at actions by the new Republican administration to assure Maryland's loyalty, by coercion if necessary. Tender expressions of affection alternate with extended passages of intense political commentary. The letters and other Spencer papers are from the collection of the Milton Eisenhower Library of Johns Hopkins University.

Agnew, Elizabeth N. "Charity, Friendly Visiting, and Social Work: Mary E. Richmond and the Shaping of an American Profession." Ph.D. diss., Indiana University, 1999.

Ahrens, Toni. Design Makes a Difference: Shipbuilding in Baltimore, 1795-1835. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1998.

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Akerson, Louise E. Baltimore's Material Culture, 1780-1904: An Archeological Perspective. Baltimore: Baltimore Center for Urban Archeology, 1990.

Akerson, Louise E. Baltimore's Material Culture, 1780-1904: An Archeological Perspective. Baltimore: Baltimore Center for Urban Archeology, 1990.

Akerson, Louise E. The Albemarle Row House Excavation: An Archival Investigation of 50 Albemarle Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore: Baltimore Center for Urban Archaeology, 1989.