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Gibb, James G. "The Dorsey-Bibb Tobacco Flue: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Southern Maryland Agriculture." Calvert Historian 12 (Spring 1997): 4-20.

Gibb, James G. "Using Calvert County's Agricultural Censuses: 1850-1880." Calvert Historian 5 (Fall 1990): 9-17.
Annotations / Notes: A useful introduction to an underutlized resource. This article would be worthwhile reading for anyone interested in agricultural censuses whether or not their area of study was Calvert County.

Gibb, James G. The Archaeology of Wealth: Consumer Behavior in English America. New York: Plenum, 1996.

Gibb, James G., and Julia A. King. "Gender, Activity Areas, and Homelots in the 17th-Century Chesapeake Region." Historical Archaeology 25 (1991): 109-131.
Annotations / Notes: Using archaeological records and spatial analysis from three Southern Maryland tobacco plantation sites, the authors provide an ethnographic look at life for seventeenth-century Maryland colonists in terms of gender and class roles. The article provides a brief overview of the economics of the Chesapeake region, the structure of living arrangements, and the gendered nature of tasks. The evidence suggests how gendered and class-based activities contributed to both household production and accrued wealth. The authors conclude that comparisons between the three sites provide the basis for understanding how household wealth was a direct corollary of the ability to secure a large work force and to develop a high degree of specialization.

Gibb, James G., and Matthew E. Croson. "The History of Helb Barn." Calvert Historian 10 (Fall 1995): 5-18.

Gibb, James G., and Paula F. Mask. "A Road Without Rails: The Baltimore and Drum Point Railroad, 1868-1891." Calvert Historian 5 (Fall 1990): 27-40.

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Godfrey, Stephen J. “Celebrating the Fossils from Calvert Cliffs: The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary.” Bugeye Times, 31 (Winter 2006-2007): 1, 6-7.

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