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Brooks, Kenneth F., Jr. "My River." Mid-Atlantic Country 10 (February 1989): 20-23.
Annotations / Notes: Patuxent River.
Category: Environment

Brooks, Kenneth F., Jr. "River Mysterious." Mid-Atlantic Country 11 (April 1990): 26-29.
Annotations / Notes: Towns and landmarks along the Pocomoke River.

Brooks, William K. The Oyster. 1891; reprint, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1966.

Brown, Katherine. “Butterfly Tide.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 38 (September 2008): 51-53, 79.
Category: Environment

Brown, Russell, and Melvin Brown. Herbaceous Plants of Maryland. College Park: University of Maryland Bookstore, 1984.

Brown, Scott E. Hiking Maryland: A Guide for Hikers and Photographers. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2014.
Category: Environment

Browne, Gary L. "Urban Centers of the Past." Maryland Heritage News 2 (Fall 1984): 6-7.
Annotations / Notes: A variety of factors effect the rise and fall of urban centers -- transportation, market, environmental, and political changes, as well as the rise of other centers. Browne presents a brief discussion of the fate of approximately ten urban centers.

Brubaker, Jack. Down the Susquehanna to the Chesapeake. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2002.
Category: Environment

Buckley, Geoffrey L. "Converting Minerals into Merchandise: Landownership and Environmental Alteration in the George's Creek Valley of Western Maryland, 1789-1842." Historical Geography 26 (1998): 151-75.

Buckley, Geoffrey L. "The Environmental Transformation of an Appalachian Valley, 1850-1906." Geographical Review 88 (April 1998): 175-98.

Buckley, Geoffrey L. America’s Conservation Impulse: A Century of Saving Trees in the Old Line State. Chicago: The Center for American Places at Columbia College Chicago, 2010.
Category: Environment

Buckley, Geoffrey L. America’s Conservation Impulse: a century of saving trees in the Old Line State. Chicago, IL: Center for American Places at Columbia College, 2010.
Category: Environment

Buckley, Geoffrey L. and J. Morgan Grove. "Sowing the Seeds of Forest Conservation: Fred Besley and the Maryland Story, 1906-1923." Maryland Historical Magazine, 96 (Fall 2001): 303-27.

Buckley, Geoffrey L., Robert F. Bailey, and J. Morgan Grove. “The Patapsco Forest Reserve: Establishing a ‘City Park’ for Baltimore, 1907-1941.” Historical Geography, 34 (2006): 87-108.

Buckley, Geoffrey Littlefield. "Tapping the Big Vein: Coal Mining and Environmental Alterations in Maryland's Appalachian Region, 1789-1906." Ph.D. diss., University of Maryland, College Park, 1997.

Buckley, Michael. Voices of the Chesapeake Bay. Edgewater, MD: Geared Up Publications, 2008.

Bunting, Elaine, and Patricia D'Amario. Counties of Central Maryland. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 1998.
Annotations / Notes: A series designed for young people.

Bunting, Elaine, and Patricia D'Amario. Counties of Northern Maryland. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 2000.
Annotations / Notes: A series designed for young readers.

Burk, Sandy. Let the River Run Silver Again!: How One School Helped Return the American Shad to the Potomac River--and how you too can help protect and restore our living waters. Blacksburg, VA: McDonald and Woodward Publishing Co., 2005.
Category: Environment

Burke, David G. and Joel E. Dunn, eds. Sustainable Chesapeake: better models for conservation. Arlington, VA: The Conservation Fund, 2010.