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De Hoff, John B. "Preparing for a Real War." Maryland Medical Journal, 44 (November 1995): 851-52.
Category: Medicine

De Hoff, John B. "With the 123rd Evacuation Hospital in France and Germany." Maryland Medical Journal, 44 (November 1995): 969-72.
Category: Medicine | Military

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Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

DeHoff, John B. "Baltimore's Public Health Contributions and Today's Problems." ,em>Maryland Medical Journal, 42 (August 1993): 725-28.
Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

DeHoff, John B. "Baltimore's Public Health Contributions and Today's Problems." Maryland Medical Journal, 42 (August 1993): 725-28.
Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

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Category: Medicine | Military | Civil War

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Category: Medicine | Military

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Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

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Category: Medicine

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