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Annotations / Notes: A series designed for young people.

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Annotations / Notes: Typescript.

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Annotations / Notes: Edited collection of 230 letters from Rosalie Stier Calvert to her family in Belgium. Not intended for public consumption, these candid letters give insight into the social interactions of elites, the inner workings of Riversdale, a tobacco plantation in Prince George's County, and the daily life of a plantation wife. In addition, Rosalie bore nine children in twenty-one years (losing four while young) and managed Stier family investments in America.

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Annotations / Notes: Carr and Walsh make detailed use of probate records from seventeenth and eighteenth century Maryland to argue that the period in Chesapeake area history represented a shift from an early emphasis upon material necessities to an improved standard of living marked by "gentility." The authors contend that this change reached across class lines and helped to fuel, rather than check, the productive economy of the colony. The article includes extensive tables and graphs of evidence regarding consumer items for several Maryland and Virginia counties.

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