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Annotations / Notes: The first of several volumes in this series, a multi-year effort, published for the Maryland Historical Society where most of Latrobe's records reside. Succeeding volumes encompass Latrobe's other journals, papers and correspondence, architectural and engineering drawings, views, etc.

Carter, Edward C., II, Editor in Chief, and Thomas E. Jeffrey, Microfiche Editor. The Guide and Index to the Microfiche Edition of the Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Clifton, NJ: Published for the Maryland Historical Society by James T. White and Co., 1976.

Carter, Edward C., II. "The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Maryland Historical Society, 1885-1971: Nature, Structure and Means of Acquisition." Maryland Historical Magazine 66 (1971): 436-455.
Annotations / Notes: An involved discussion of the provenance of the Latrobe collection and the project to microfilm it. Latrobe, a prominent architect, artist, and surveyor, among other talents, left a variety of materials, including drawings depicting America at the end of the eighteenth century. An interesting discussion of the history of a rich collection.

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Annotations / Notes: artist Sally Kagan