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Hunter, Wilbur H., Jr., "The Tribulations of A Museum Director in the 1820s." Maryland Historical Magazine 49 (Spring 1954): 214-222.
Annotations / Notes: Rubens Peale is considered to be the first professional museum director in the country. For two years 1822-1824, and off site for an additional seven years, he administered the Peale Museum in Baltimore. This discussion, mostly of the years in Baltimore, generally unsuccessful, is based on a series of letters between Rubens and his brother Franklin.

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Jacobs, David, and Anthony E. Neville. Bridges, Canals, and Tunnels; the Engineering Conquest of North America. New York: American Heritage, 1968.
Annotations / Notes: This readable general discussion of the subject with fine illustrations includes material on Maryland. Robert M. Vogel, former curator of mechanical and civil engineering at the Smithsonian Institution was the consultant.

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