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Birch, Alison Wyrley. "The Lady Was a General." Maryland 12 (Autumn 1979): 7-11.
Annotations / Notes: Anna Ella Carroll (1815-1893) was the daughter of a governor of Maryland whose own political career was an exception to the secondary role of most 19th century women in national affairs. In the 1850s and 1860s, Carroll wrote political tracts and advised political leaders in the Know Nothing and Republican parties. She also contributed to Union military strategy during the Civil War, corresponding with Abraham Lincoln and others in Washington.

Birch, Alison Wyrley. "The Lady was a General." Maryland 12 (Autumn 1979): 7-11.
Annotations / Notes: Anna Ella Carroll.

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Category: Women

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Category: Women

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Category: Women

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Category: Women | Baltimore City

Bourguignon-Frasseto, Claude. Betsy Patterson: The Belle of Baltimore. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 2003.

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Annotations / Notes: In the late nineteenth century many of Harford County's communities formed library organizations. Following the 1945 Maryland Library Aid Act a Harford County library system was established. At the time of this article Harford County has a growing public library system with a good number of branches spread across the county.

Bowers, Deborah. "On the Road Again: The Bookmobile in Harford County." Harford Historical Bulletin 67 (Winter 1996): 28-31.

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