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Shagena, Jack L. "Chesapeake Chesapike." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County 72 (Winter 1996): 1, 5-7.

Shank, Christopher. "Wings Over Hagerstown: Experiencing the Second World War in Western Maryland." Maryland Historical Magazine 88 (Winter 1993): 444-61.
Annotations / Notes: During World War II the growth of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in Hagerstown had a social and economic impact on the community. However, for a variety of reasons the city was not radically changed by this growth. The community was not greatly disrupted. In part, this was because the workers employed by the Corporation were local. There was no large influx of immigrant workers, thus the community did not have to change to meet their needs. Mention is also made of Triumph Industries activities in Elkton.

Smith, Bert. Down the Ocean: Postcards from Maryland and Delaware Beaches. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Annotations / Notes: Arranged by theme and subject -- famous housing, boardwalk, on the beach, life saving. It presents a vivid picture of life at the shore as interpreted through postcards. Includes some illustration on spots on the way -- diners, bridges, etc. Information on the cards themselves is included and adds to the work's usefulness.

Stansbury, Russell. "Biographical Sketch [of] Clayton Crewell Stansbury." Harford Historical Bulletin 15 (Winter 1983): 7-9.
Annotations / Notes: Havre de Grace community leader, ca. 1920-1950.

Stewart, James V. "Caroline Stewart, pioneering horsewoman, finally has her story told." Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred (May 1999): 16-17.

Stranahan, Susan Q. Susquehanna, River of Dreams. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993.

Stubbs, Bill. "Confederates in Cecil County." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County, 66 (December 1993): 1, 3.

Suffness, Rita M. "Porters Bridge in Richardsmere." Cecil Historical Journal, 1 (Spring 2001): 14-25.

Taber, Susan B. "Becoming Mormon: the Elkton Branch, 1976-81." Dialogue, 25 (Fall 1992): 87-112.

Taber, Susan Buhler. Mormon Lives: A Year in the Elkton Ward. Champaign, Ill.: University of Illinois Press, 1993.
Category: Religion | Cecil County

Taylor, Morton F. "Dr. Richards' Hospital." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County, 66 (December 1993): 6.

Taylor, Morton F. "The Sheriff John F. De Witt Military Museum Opens." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County 62 (September 1992): 7.

Thomas, Ronald A. "Intensive Archeological Excavations at the Hollingsworth Farm Site, Elkton, Maryland." Maryland Archeology, 18 (March 1982): 9-28.

Unger, Mike. “Luck, Be a Lady: Wagering the Day Away in Perryville.” Maryland Life, 8 (February 2012): 66-68.

Valentino, David Wayne. "Tectonics of the Lower Susquehanna River Region, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland: Late Proterozoic Rifting to Late Paleozoic Dextral Transpression." Ph.D. diss., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1993.

Weeks, Christopher. "Bouncing Along the Post Road: Eighteenth Century Harford County as Seen by Travelers." Harford Historical Bulletin 57 (Summer 1993): 74-127.
Annotations / Notes: Annotated excerpts from ten contemporary descriptions of traveling along the post road. The authors include such well known Colonial figures as Dr. Alexander Hamilton, Charles Willson Peale, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

Welsh, Lee M. The Welsh/Welch Families in Cecil and Washington Counties. N.p.: Published by the author, ca. 1979.

Wennersten, John R. Maryland's Eastern Shore: A Journey in Time and Place. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 1992.
Annotations / Notes: Wennersten's goal is to make the reader understand the distinct society that is the eastern shore through discussion of the area's agricultural life, its race relations, and maritime society. Brief histories are given of some communities and mention made of some influential people.

Williams, Jane. "Building Ships and Boats in Cecil County." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County, 68 (September 1994): 1, 4-5.
Category: Maritime | Cecil County