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Menard, Russell R. "Was There a 'Middle Colonies Demographic Regime?'" Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 133 (1989): 215-218.

Merrill, Yale. "Maryland Jews in Journalism and Non-Jewish Journalists' Interests in Jewish Matters." Generations, 3 (June 1982): 31-44.

Miller, C. Eugene. "German Immigrants at Antietam." Maryland Historical Magazine, 87 (Fall 1992): 309-15.
Category: Ethnic History | Military

Miller, Henry M. “The Dutch Demise & Maryland.” A Briefe Relation, 35 (Autumn 2014): 1, 5.
Category: General | Ethnic History

Morawska, Ewa. Insecure Prosperity: Small-Town Jews in Industrial America, 1890-1940. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1996.

Moser, Liz Kohn. "Growing Up in Two Families: My Two Families: Home and Hochschild, Kohn & Co." Generations (Fall 1998): 8-11.

Mustafa, Sam A. "'Merchant Culture' in Germany and America in the Late-Eighteenth Century." Yearbook of German-American Studies , 34 (1999): 113-32.

Myers, J., and C. Kennedy. "The Last Words: Baltimore Multiculturalism...and furthermore." Sing Out 38 (May/June/July 1993): 134-35.

Nast, Leonara Heilig, Laurence N. Krause, and R. C. Monk, eds. Baltimore. A Living Renaissance. Baltimore: Historic Baltimore Society, Inc., 1982.
Annotations / Notes: An eclectic mix of over eighty essays, authored by a broad spectrum of individuals, on topics that illustrate the renaissance that Baltimore experienced during the 1960s and 1970s. Organized under such broad topics as "Baltimore Builds", "Social Perspective", "The Arts", and "What Makes Baltimore Baltimore" the broad range of subjects covered include Baltimore night life, public housing, television and radio, football, aging services, and influential political and community figures. Includes a brief chronology of the City's redevelopment, 1937-1981.

Nitzberg, Gertrude Singer. "The Music Library of the Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, Inc." Generations 3 (December 1982): 37-38.
Annotations / Notes: A discussion of the development of an oral history program to capture Yiddish songs. The Society was also actively collecting old Jewish 78 rpm records and sheet music.

Nolt, Steven M. "German Faith, American Faithful: Religion and Ethnicity in the Early American Republic." Ph.D. diss., University of Notre Dame, 1998.

Nolt, Steven M. "The Quest for American Kinship: Liberty, Ethnicity, and Ecumenism among Pennsylvania German Lutherans, 1817-1842." Journal of American Ethnic History 19 (2000): 64-91.

O'Brien, Michel J. Irish Settlers in America: A Consolidation of Articles from the Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, 2 vols. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979.
Annotations / Notes: Includes material on Maryland.

O’Neill, Maureen Roslyn. “Muslim Mothers: pioneers of Islamic education in America.” Ph.D. diss., College of Notre Dame of Maryland, 2010.

Olesker, Michael. Michael Olesker's Baltimore. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.
Annotations / Notes: Selection of columns from the News American and Baltimore Sun, covering the years 1979-1994. His topics include politicians, sports, eccentrics. He presents a loving picture of Baltimore during the last quarter of the twentieth century without overlooking the problems, such as crime, drugs, and poverty, which plague the city.

Olschansky, Al. "Baltimore City in its Heyday: As I Knew it in the 1930s when I was Growing Up." Generations 8 (Spring 1988): 10-12.

Olson, Sherry H. Baltimore: The Building of an American City. revised edition. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997.
Annotations / Notes: The product of a geographer, this excellent history of Baltimore focuses on its physical growth as an urban center. Special emphasis is placed on how the city, and its inhabitants, handled the changes brought about by city growth.

Orser, Edward, and Joseph Arnold. Catonsville, 1880-1940: From Village to Suburb. Norfolk, VA: Donning Pubishing Co., 1989.
Annotations / Notes: This photographic history traces the history of Catonsville, on Baltimore County's west side, from the 1880s, when the village center served the needs of travelers on Frederick Road and the surrounding agricultural area, as well as afforded sites for summer homes for some of Baltimore's elite, to 1940, when growth, development, and transportation links heightened its suburban character within the Baltimore metropolitan region. The volume includes research evidence on the social make-up of the community, such as the impact of German and Irish immigrants and the role of its historic African American community.

Parsley, Shannon Lee. "Presidential Politics and the Building of the Roosevelt Coalition in Baltimore City, 1924-1936." M.A. thesis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2001.