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Johnson, Paula J. Working the Water: The Commercial Fisheries of Maryland's Patuxent River. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1988.
Annotations / Notes: Johnson's book covers many of the fishing techniques and inventions which have so strongly impacted Chesapeake Bay's natural resources.

Kanarek, Harold. "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Early Internal Improvements in Maryland." Maryland Historical Magazine, 72 (Spring 1977): 99-109.

Kanarek. Harold K. A Monument to an Engineer's Skill: William P. Craighill and the Baltimore Harbor. Baltimore: Baltimore District, Corps of Engineers, c. 1976.

Kanskey, Karel J. "Augustine Herman: The Leading Cartographer of the Seventeenth Century." Maryland Historical Magazine, 73 (December 1978): 352-59.

Keiner, Christine. "W. K. Brooks and the Oyster Question: Science, Politics, and Resource Management in Maryland, 1880-1930." Journal of the History of Biology [Netherlands] 31 (Fall 1998): 383-424.

Kelbaugh, Ross J. Supplemental Directory of Baltimore Daguerreotypists. Baltimore: Historic Graphics, 1990.

Kelbaugh, Ross. "Dawn of the Daguerrean Era in Baltimore, 1838-1849." Maryland Historical Magazine, 84 (1989): 101-18.

Kenner, Hugh. "Looking for the Golden Age." Johns Hopkins Magazine, 27 (May 1976): 53-58.
Annotations / Notes: Henry Rowland, first physics professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Kent, Bretton W. Fossil Sharks of the Chesapeake Bay Region. Columbia, MD: Egan, Rees and Boyer, Inc., 1994.
Annotations / Notes: An excellent manual and discussion about Maryland's most popular fossil; the shark's tooth.

Kent, Bretton W. Making Dead Oysters Talk. 1988; rev. ed. Crownsville, MD: Maryland Historical Trust, Historic St. Mary's City Commission and Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, 1992.
Annotations / Notes: Kent's analyses of oysters from archaeological sites, tell a cautionary tale of overharvest which went unheeded for three centuries.

Kiger, Robert W., Galvin D. R. Bridson, and Donna M. Connelly, eds. Huntia. Vol 7. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute of Technology. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 1987.
Annotations / Notes: In this volume contributors James Reveal, George Frick, Melvin Brown and Rose Broome lay out a remarkable history of Maryland (and the Chesapeake's) earliest botanists, their personal stories, their observations and collections, which are still preserved at the British Museum in London. This is technical material, but salted in are the remarkable human stories and insights into a Chesapeake different from today.

Kirby, Richard Shelton, and Phillip Gustave Laurson. The Early Years of Modern Civil Engineering. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1932.
Annotations / Notes: Because it concentrates on the history and techniques of highway, canal, and railroad-building rather than on the individual engineers, this is a good companion to Charles B. Stuart's Lives and Works of Civil and Military Engineers of America, 1871.

Klingle, Gilbert C., and Willard R. Culver. "One Hundred Hours Beneath the Chesapeake." National Geographic Magazine 152 (1956): 681-696.

Kolb, Haven. "Solidago (Asteraceae ) in Maryland II: The Literature." Maryland Naturalist 38 (January/June 1994): 10-22.

Kromm, Jonathan N. “Bringing Science to Policy: the use of research by public health advocacy organizations to advance policy solutions.” Ph.D. diss., Johns Hopkins University, 2010.

Kundahl, George G. Confederate Engineer: Training and Campaigning with John Morris Wampler. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2000.

Kurtz, Michael J. "Being a Renaissance Man in Nineteenth-Century Baltimore: John Gottlieb Morris." Maryland Historical Magazine 89 (Summer 1994): 156-69.

Kurtz, Michael J. John Gottlieb Morris: Man of God, Man of Science. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1997.

Laerm, Joshua, William Mark Ford, Daniel C. Weinland, and Michael A. Menzel. "First Records of the Pygmy Shrew, Sorex hoyi (Insectivora: Soricidae ), in Western Maryland." Maryland Naturalist 38 (January/June 1994): 23-27.

Lamb, John. A Strange Engine of War: The Winans Steam Gun and the Civil War in Maryland. Baltimore: Chesapeake Book Company, 2011.