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Pogue, Dennis J. "Spatial Analysis of the King's Reach Plantation Homelot, ca. 1690-1715." Historical Archaeology, 22 (1988): 40-56.

Pogue, Dennis J. King's Reach and 17th-Century Plantation Life. Annapolis, MD: Maryland Historical and Cultural Publications, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: A discussion of the archeological digs at King's Reach and what the findings tell of life at the time, focussing on what can be learned of the plantation's physical layout.

Reichardt, Charles E. Drum Point Light and Along the American Coasts. N.p.: Published by the author, c. 1976.

Reps, John. Tidewater Towns: City Planning in Colonial Virginia and Maryland. Williamsburg, VA: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1972.
Annotations / Notes: Early towns did not generally spring out of nowhere. Town planning was common and an important part of Chesapeake Maryland's colonial history. The government played an active role in the founding and formation of towns. Annapolis and the District of Columbia were unique in that their plans did not resemble those common amongst other English colonies.

Reutter, Mark. Sparrows Point: Making Steel-the Rise and Ruin of America's Industrial Might. New York: Summit Books, 1988.

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Rose, Lou. "Roger Brooke Taney of Calvert County: Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and Guardian of the Constitution." Calvert Historian 3 (Fall 1988): 22-24.

Rose, Lou. "Social Attitudes Toward Prohibition: A Calvert County Example." Calvert County Historical Society News 2 (January 1983): 1-2.
Annotations / Notes: Rose argues for the value of using a literary work like Ebenezer Cooke's The Sot Weed Factor for insight into the social attitudes and mores of Maryland at the turn of the seventeenth century. However, the article restricts its attention primarily to Cooke's use of Calvert County for his satire on the legal and judicial systems, even though Cooke did not reside in the county during his Maryland sojourn.

Rose, Lou. "The Barreda House at Drum Point and the Barreda Family." Calvert Historian 1 (October 1984): 13-17.

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