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Canby, Thomas Y. "War-Time Teacher at Slade School." Sandy Spring Museum Legacy, 14 (Winter 1994): 4.
Category: Education

Canby, Tom. “A Graduate of a One-Room School Recalls…” Legacy, 22 (Spring 2002): 1, 4.

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Category: Education

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Cassidy, Francis P. "Catholic Education in the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore." Catholic Historical Review, 34 (January 1948): 414-36; 34 (October 1948): 257-305.

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Cavanaugh, Joanne P. "Uncertainty in the Archives." Johns Hopkins Magazine 49 (November 1997): 28-33.
Annotations / Notes: A well written discussion of the varied archival repositories of The Johns Hopkins University. Serves as a useful introduction to the nature of archives, including a discussion of the problems with electronic records.

Cervone, Barbara. “Baltimore’s Urban Debaters Prove the Word is Mightier than the Sword.” National Civic Review, 95 (Fall 2006): 61, 63.

Chapelle, Suzanne Ellery Greene. Baltimore, An Illustrated History. American Historical Press, 2000.
Annotations / Notes: A history of Baltimore, 1608-2000, for the general reader. A chronological history is presented which touches upon growth, politics, economics, education, cultural organizations, etc. Included at the end is a series of approximately 45 histories of leading 20th century businesses, companies, and organizations.

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Chung, Il Hwan. “Education Finance Reform, Education Spending, and Student Performance: Evidence from Maryland’s Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act.” Education and Urban Society, 47 (June 2015): 412-32.
Category: Education

Cicero, Gayle M. “Professional School Counselors as Leaders and Active Participants in School Reform: A Phenomenological Exploratory Study to Examine the Perspectives of System-Level Supervisors of School Counselors.” Ed.D. diss., Northcentral University, 2010.
Category: Education