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"Worcester County Library, Snow Hill: Opening/Dedication of William D. Pitts Collection , Maryland Land Surveys, 1677-1982, 23 October 1987." Maryland and Delaware Genealogist 28 (1987): 123-124.

A History of Road Building in Maryland. Baltimore: State Roads Commission of Maryland, 1958.
Annotations / Notes: A good summary with many interesting references.

An Illustrated Atlas of Carroll County, Maryland 1877. Enlarged edition. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1993.

An Index to the Maps in the John Work Garrett Library. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University, 1993.

Atlas of Howard County, Maryland, 1878. Ellicott City, MD: Howard County Bicentennial Commission, Inc., 1975.
Annotations / Notes: Originally part of G. M. Hopkins atlas.

Guardian Of Our Maryland Heritage. Easton, MD: Talbot County Free Library, 1968.
Annotations / Notes: A series of very accessible essays describing the collections of the Talbot County's Maryland Room, along with a discussion of the Room's development. This publication is heavily illustrated and gives one an understanding of the nature of local history collections, either in public or private institutions.

Index of Carroll County Names. Manchester, MD: Noodle-Doosey Press, 1984.
Annotations / Notes: An index to two early maps of the county.

Index of Carroll County Names. Manchester, MD: Noodle-Doosey Press, 1984.
Annotations / Notes: An index to two early maps of the county.

The State Gazetteer and Merchants and Farmers Directory for Maryland and District of Columbia. Baltimore, MD: Sadler, Drysdale, & Purnell, 1871.

Washington College Presents On the Map:An Exhibit of Maps Relating to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay.... Chestertown, MD: Washington College, 1983.

“‘Old Maryland-W.VA.’ boundary marker at Hutton Fairfax Meridian-The Michler Survey Line.” Glades Star, 10 (September 2003): 98.

“Cranesville Swamp and the Lake Ford Beaver Dam.” Glades Star, 10 (December 2003): 137.

“Dorchester County: An 1807 Geographical Description.” Shoreline, 20 (December 2013): 10.

“Finding the ‘Bauer Line’ Boundary Stones.” Glades Star, 10 (March 2003): 12-15.

“History of the Friendship House Tract.” The Record, 104 (January 2010): 7, 9.

“Mason and Dixon—23 Miles Short of their Goal.” Glades Star, 9 (September 2002): 603-4, 587.

“Mason-Dixon Line.” Glades Star, 11 (June 2009): 502.

“The Fairfax Stone.” Glades Star, 9 (June 2002): 526.

“The Naming of Negro Mountain.” Glades Star, 12 (March 2011): 21-22.

Abel, E. Lawrence. Singing the New Nation: How Music Shaped the Confederacy, 1861-1865. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000.
Annotations / Notes: An in-depth look at every aspect of music during the Civil War, as it pertains to the southern cause. Although not focused on any particular state, there are important Maryland connections, for example the background and impact of "Maryland, My Maryland!" Cultural and political context are this author's strong suits, as he describes band music, songs of the common soldiers, parlor music of the day, and theatrical offerings.