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Akerson, Louise E. American Indians in the Baltimore Area. Baltimore: Baltimore Center for Urban Archaeology, 1988.

Alpert, Jonathan L. "The Origin of Slavery in the United States: The Maryland Precedent." American Journal of Legal History 14 (1970): 189-222.
Annotations / Notes: Maryland was the "first province in English North America to recognize slavery as a matter of law" (189). Therefore, the study of Maryland is useful for historians studying how American slavery was a product of the law. Early legislation recognized the existence of slavery, for while indentured servitude and slavery co-existed, and the terms were used interchangeably, the law still distinguished between the two. "All slaves were servants but not all servants were slaves" (193). However, it wasn't until 1664 when a statue was created which established slavery as hereditary. This statute was the first law in English North American to thus establish this type of slavery, legalizing what had been de facto since 1639. The author concludes that laws reflect the attitudes of a society and the manner in which societal problems are resolved. In the case of Maryland, servant problems could be avoided by replacing indentured servitude with perpetual slavery.

Barbour, Philip L. "The Earliest Reconnaissance of the Chesapeake Bay Area: Captain John Smith's Map and Indian Vocabulary." Virginia Magzine of History and Biography, 79 (July 1971): 280-302; "Part II." 80 (January 1972): 21-51.

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Blanton, Dennis B. and Julia A. King, eds. Indian and European Contact in Context: The Mid-Atlantic Region. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2004.
Category: Native American

Blume, Cara Lee. "Hiding In Plain Sight: The Cheswold Lenape Community." Shoreline, 11 (September 2004): 8.

Blumgart, Pamela James, ed. At the Head of the Bay: A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County, Maryland. Elkton, MD: Cecil Historical Trust, 1996.
Annotations / Notes: This beautifully illustrated book presents a history of the development of the county along with a history of its architecture, including house forms, methods of construction, and outbuildings, along with brief write-ups on 700 historic sites.

Boender, Debra Ruth. "Our Fires Have Nearly Gone Out: A History of Indian-White Relations on the Colonial Maryland Frontier, 1633-1776." Ph.D., The University of New Mexico, 1988.

Bowen, Claude. “Burial sites found for NAGPRA remains.” ASM Ink, 39 (February 2013): 1, 5.
Category: Native American

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Category: Native American

Busby, Virginia R. "Our Chief of Chiefs Village: What the Chicone Site Means to Native Americans of the Delmarva Peninsula." Shoreline, 10 (September 2003): 12-13.
Category: Native American

Busby, Virginia Roche. “Transformation and Persistence: The Nanticoke Indians and Chicone Indian Town in the Context of European Contact and Colonization.” Ph.D. diss., University of Virginia, 2010.
Category: Native American

Busby, Virginia. "John Smith's Encounters with Native Americans in the Chesapeake Region." Shoreline, 14 (June 2007): 14.

Busy, Virginia Roche. “Transformation and Persistence: the Nanticoke Indians and Chicone Indian Town in the context of European contact and colonization.” Ph.D. diss., University of Virginia, 2010.
Category: Native American

Cale, Clyde. "Indian Raid on Green's Run." Glades Star, 7 (March 1994): 363-69; 7 (June 1994): 402-9.
Category: Native American