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"Wind Power in Garrett County." Glades Star, 7 (June 1992): 52-54.

A History of Road Building in Maryland. Baltimore: State Roads Commission of Maryland, 1958.
Annotations / Notes: A good summary with many interesting references.

Environmental Monitoring. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: A leading example in this work is environmental Monitoring of the Chesapeake.

Praising the Bridge that Brought them Over: One Hundred Years at Indian Head. Indian Head, MD: Naval Ordnance Station, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: The history of the military base, and its surrounding community, as told through photographs and excerpts with interviews from twenty-six individuals. A ten page time line charts events of importance among the Navy at Indian Head, in the town of Indian Head, and national and internationally.

The First Forty Years: A Pictorial Account of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Since Its Founding in 1942. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1983.

“Goddard Space Flight Center.” News and Notes from the Prince George’s County Historical Society, 39 (November-December 2010): 4.

“Seventeenth-Century Science.” A Briefe Relation, 34 (Holiday 2013): 1-2.

“What Happened to the Planetarium?” Glades Star, 10 (June 2003): 64-67.

Allen, Cathy. "Prince George's County's Aviation History." News and Notes from the Prince George's County Historical Society 27 (March 1998): [2-4].

Alvarez, Rafael. "Stove Shop Now A Warm Memory.'" In Hometown Boy: The Hoodle Patrol and Other Curiosities of Baltimore. Baltimore: Baltimore Sun, 1999, 292-293.
Annotations / Notes: Baltimore Museum of Industry.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineers in America Born Prior to 1861. New York: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1980.
Annotations / Notes: Entries on James Millholland, Ross Winans, and other early mechanical engineers that practiced in Maryland.

Amrhein, Edward M. "The Brake Shoes You Can't Get at the Auto Parts Store." Live Wire 24 (April-May-June 1993): 1, 5.

Anderson George M. "An Early Commuter: The Letters of James and Mary Anderson." Maryland Historical Magazine, 75 (September 1980): 217-32.

Anderson, Clarita S. "Maryland Coverlets: The Artifacts, Technology and the Weaver." Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park, 1985.

Andryszak, Nancy. "Calvin W. Hendrick." APWA Reporter, 47 (November 1980): 4-5.
Annotations / Notes: Chief Engineer of Baltimore's Sewage Commission, 1905-17.

Archibald, Lauren. "Prettyboy Dam." History Trails, 30 (Summer 1996): 13-16.

Arnold, Joseph L. The Baltimore Engineers and the Chesapeake Bay, 1961-1987. Baltimore: Baltimore District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1988.

Ashby, Wallace L. Fossils of Calvert Cliffs. Solomons, MD: Calvert Marine Museum Press, 1979.

Avery, Carlos P. "Baldwin & Pennington: Architects for the B&O Railroad." Three Centuries of Maryland Architecture, Annapolis, MD: Maryland Historical Trust, 1982, pp. 7-10

Baker, Henry E. "Benjamin Banneker, the Negro Mathematician and Astronomer." Journal of Negro History, 3 (April 1918): 99-118.