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"Linda Zang joins elite corps of 'O' judges." Maryland Horse 61 (April/May 1995): 23.

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"Maryland's Best Kept Humanities Secrets: Textile Collection at the Maryland Historical Society Museum." Maryland Humanities (September 2000): 27.

"More on the Teaching Sisters of St. Mary's County." Chronicles of St. Mary's, 49 (Fall 2001): 178.

"Old Clear Spring Library Remembered." Maryland Cracker Barrel (Dec. 1999/Jan 2000): 26, 28.
Annotations / Notes: The small, volunteer run, Clear Spring Library developed in a building which had served as a community kitchen and a soldier's canteen. The library existed only between the two great wars. This brief history is compiled from the quotes of community members.

"Profile of Amalie Rothschild." Maryland Humanities (October/November 1993): 5.

"Profile of Amalie Rothschild." Maryland Humanities, October/November 1993, p. 5.

"Profile of Ruth Sneider." Maryland Humanities (October/November 1993): 11.

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"The 1854 Journal of Hannah H. Clark." History Trails 17 (Winter 1982-1983): 5-8.

"The Historical Society of Carroll County: Fifty Years of Service to the Community." Carroll County History Journal 40 (Winter 1990): 3-6.
Annotations / Notes: The story of the Society's founding as told by its first curator.

"The Legacy of Harriet Tubman." The Legacy, 46 (February 2008): 6.

"The Mystery of Historic St. Mary's City." Southern Living 25 (August 1990): 18-19.

"We Came to Holland Point." Calvert Historian 25 (Spring 2000): 61-69.
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