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"Major William Dent (1660-1705)." The Record 57 (October 1992): 3.

"Maryland Gossip in 1755." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 3 (no. 2, 1878): 144-49.

"Maryland's Best Kept Humanities Secret: Hampton National Historic Site." Maryland Humanities (Summer 1998): 43.

"Maryland's Best Kept Humanities Secrets: Sotterley Plantation." Maryland Humanities (July/August 1994): 27.

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"Notes on the Origin of Garrett County, MD." Glades Star 5 (September 1977): 27-29.

"Practices in Maryland, 1681-1837." Journal of the Early Republic 19 (Spring 1999): 15-42.
Annotations / Notes: A case study of Maryland as colony and state to determine why some states adopted the penitentiary earlier than others; whether the rise of the penitentiary was a revolutionary development; and whether the diverse paths to the penitentiary produced diverse forms. This study roots the development of the penitentiary in a regional and local context.

"Prose from a Farm Ledger." History Trails 11 (Autumn 1976): 1-6.
Annotations / Notes: Charles Jessop (1759-1828).

"Recognizing Maryland's Role in 'The First Freedom.'" A Briefe Relation 21 (Spring 1999): 1, 8.

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"The Diary of William Faris, 1791-1804." Maryland Historical Magazine 28 (1933): 197-244.

"The Forgotten Patriot." Passport to the Past 1 (November/December 1990): 9.
Annotations / Notes: John Rogers.

"The Great Game." Johns Hopkins Magazine 7 (April 1956): 7-9, 20-21.
Annotations / Notes: The article discusses the Native American origins of lacrosse in a game called "baggattaway," tracing its adaption in the nineteenth century as a popular sport among Canadians and its spread to the United States. First played in Baltimore in the 1870s, it became a club and intercollegiate sport in the area. In 1928 lacrosse arrived on the world scene as a sport at the Amsterdam Olympics.

"The Miniature Ship 'Federalist': Symbol of Maryland's Ratification of the Constitution." Bugeye Times, 13 (Spring 1988): 1, 6-7.

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