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Cronin, William B. Volumetric, Areal and Tidal Statistics of the Chesapeake Bay Estuary and its Tributaries. Special Report 20, Ref.71-2.Chesapeake Bay Institute, 1971.

Cronon, William B. Changes in the Land, Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England. New York: Hill and Wang, 1983.
Annotations / Notes: Cronon's work is about New England, but his ecological insights are invaluable to learning about the Chesapeake.

Currie, Donya. “Gorillas in their Midst.” Maryland Life, 5 (March/April 2009): 70-75.
Category: Environment

Currie, Donya. “How the MD-AEP Came to Be.” Maryland Life, 7 (July/August 2011): 62-63.
Category: Environment

Currie, Donya. “Water (for the) World.” Maryland Life, 7 (July/August 2011): 54-55, 58, 62.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Hoo Said That?” Maryland Life, 7 (January/February 2011): 14.
Category: Environment

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Osprey Escapades.” Maryland Life, 4 (May/June 2008): 22-23.
Category: Environment

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Rivers of Life.” Maryland Life, 5 (July/August 2009): 50-53.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

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Davidson, Cameron. Chesapeake: The Aerial Photography of Cameron Davidson. Alexandria, VA: Cameron Davidson LLC, 2011.
Category: Environment

Davidson, Heather R. "Heading for a Happy Ending." Maryland 23 (Spring 1991): 54-56.
Category: Environment

Davidson, Heather R. "The Importance of Maryland Ponds." Maryland 26 (April 1994): 24-29.

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Annotations / Notes: Primarily on the political process paralleling environmental change but containing many references to contemporary conditions and problems.

Davis, Clayton. "Back to Nature." Maryland 28 (January 1996): 23.
Category: Environment