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Click, Patricia Catherine. "Enlightened Entertainment: Educational Amusements in Nineteenth-Century Baltimore." Maryland Historical Magazine 85 (Spring 1990): 1-14.
Annotations / Notes: Click argues that during the nineteenth century popular amusements--such as exhibits, museums, and lectures--in cities like Baltimore shifted in their justification from emphasis upon education and uplift to entertainment for its own sake. She illustrates the change with examples, ranging from the famous mastodon skeleton featured in Peale's Museum when it was established in 1813 to the display of curiosities, freaks, and exotic cultural oddities that became more common in the popular entertainment later in the century.

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Clutter, Bill Garland. "A Histoyr of the University of Maryland College of Special and Contiuation Studies (University College): The Development of a World-wide Eduation Program, 1947-1956." Ph.D. diss., The American University, 1984.

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Category: Education

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Category: Education

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Category: Education

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