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Clark, Wendy Mitman. “Bay Lady.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 34 (July 2004): 76-79.
Category: Women

Clarke, Donald. Wishing on the Moon: The Life and Times of Billie Holiday. New York: Viking Penguin, 1994.

Clarke, Wendy Mitman. “Island Girl.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 41 (August 2011): 32- 35.
Category: Maritime | Women

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Clinton, Catherine. Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom. Boston: Little, Brown, 2004.
Category: African American | Women

Clinton, Catherine. “On the Road to Harriet Tubman.” American Heritage, 55 (June/ July 2004): 44-49.
Category: African American | Women

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Cohen, Jane Whitehouse. "Women's Political Power in Maryland, 1920-1964." Ph.D. diss., Catholic University of America, 1993.
Annotations / Notes: Challenges the traditional interpretation that women were politically dormant between the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment and the start of the women's liberation movement. Women played an active and effective role in Maryland politics in this period. Twenty-seven women served in the state legislature. Others lobbied for social legislation, led reform movements, joined partisan and nonpartisan organizations, and worked to expand women's legal rights. All of this was accomplished by working with the male political leaders who controlled the power structure.

Cohen, Patricia Cline. “Marie Louise Shew and Mrs. Maria Poe Clemm: A Photograph.” Poe Studies, 42 (2009): 61-77.

Collier, Linda. “Titanic Survivor Visits Kent Island in 1930.” Isle of Kent, (Fall 2011/Winter 2012): 6.

Collier, Linda. “Treasures of Amy Jones Brown.” Isle of Kent, (Spring 2013): 10.

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Condon, Sean. “John and Caroline Nicols and the Post-Panic Economy of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, 1838-1845.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 105 (Winter 2010): 332-47

Conger, Vivian Leigh Bruce. "'Being Weak of Body But Firm of Mind and Memory': Widowhood in Colonial America, 1630-1750." Ph.D. diss., Cornell University, 1994.
Annotations / Notes: Widowhood was a normal part of colonial life. Although encouraged for younger widows and for all women in the Chesapeake region before 1700, rapid remarriage was not automatic. Widows functioned as both mother and father, including representing family interests in the community. As land became more scarce, widowhood increased and widows left more property to their daughters.

Conklin, E. F. Exile to Sweet Dixie: The Story of Euphemia Goldsborough, Confederate Nurse and Smuggler. Gettysburg, PA: Thomas Publications, 1998.

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Cook, Eleanor M. V. and Diane D. Broadhurst. “ The Four Beall Women and Their Slaves.” Montgomery County Story, 45 (February 2002): 213-24.
Category: African American | Women