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"Early History of Tolchester." Kent Shoreman 9 (September 1974): 41ff.
Annotations / Notes: A bare-bones history of the ownership of Tolchester.

"Early Industry in Steyer." Glades Star 8 (March 1998): 341-42.

"Early Methodists in Oakland, Md." Glades Star 5 (March 1978): 64-65.
Category: Religion | Garrett County

"Early Ordinations of Black Preachers." Third Century Methodism 31 (February 1992): 2-3.

"Early Painting of Chestertown." Old Kent, 10 (Summer 1993): 1.

"Early Settlements on What is Now A. P. G. in Harford County." Harford Historical Bulletin (Winter 1986): 3-8.
Annotations / Notes: Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

"Edgar Allan Poe's Baltimore." Maryland Historical Magazine 93 (Winter 1998): 466-75.
Annotations / Notes: Although the writer's stays in Baltimore were often brief, this portfolio of images demonstrates that Poe enthusiasts can find ample evidence of his presence. Two of the more accessible places associated with Poe are the house where he lived with his aunt and wife on Amity Street and the famous grave site at Westminster Cemetery. Other sites can only be experienced via the historic prints and photographs in this collection. Visitors planning on exploring Poe's Baltimore will find these images to be an important source for understanding the author and his surroundings.

"Eight Miles North of Garrett County." Glades Star 7 (March 1995): 508-10.

"Electricity from the Wind." Glades Star, 7 (June 1992): 49-51, 54.

"Ellicott City Public High School--Classes of 1922 & 1933 in Action." The Legacy, 37 (February 1994): 6-7.

"Emmanuel Church, Corunna." Glades Star, 8 (March 1997): 189-91.
Category: Religion | Garrett County

"Emory Grove: A Black Community of Yesteryear." Montgomery County Story 31 (February 1988): 1-10.

"End of an Era." Glades Star, 6 (December, 1987): 163.
Annotations / Notes: Hotels in Garrett County.

"Ex-Governor Francis Thomas." Glades Star 7 (December 1993): 326-29.

"Extracts from Registers of Old St. Peter's Church, Baltimore, Md." Records of the American Catholic Historical Society, 1 (1884-86): 372-73.
Category: Religion | Baltimore City

"Extracts from Registers of St. Patrick's Church, Baltimore, Md." Records of the American Catholic Historical Society, 1 (1884-86): 374-75.
Category: Religion | Baltimore City

"Fairlee Manor." In Context 6 (November 1998): [4].

"Fall into Fun in Maryland." Maryland 27 (September/October 1995): F44-F45, F47, F49, F51, F53-F55.

"Fall into Winter in Maryland." Maryland, 26 (September/ October 1994): F1-3, F5, F7, F9-F11, F13, F15, F17, F21-23, F27-29, F31, F33, F35, F37, F39, F41, F43, F45, F47.