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Cox, Richard J. "Manuscript Usage in the Private Historical Society: Maryland as a Case Study, 1970-1976." Manuscripts 29 (Fall 1977): 243-51.

Cox, Richard J. "Other Atlantic States: Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, and South Carolina." In Historical Consciousness in the Early Republic: The Origins of State Historical Societies and Collections, 1791-1861 , H.G. Jones, ed. 102-124. Chapel Hill: North Caroliniana Society, Inc. and North Carolina Collection, 1995.

Cox, Richard J. "The Origins of Archival Development in Maryland, 1634-1934." M.A. thesis, University of Maryland, 1978.
Annotations / Notes: Cox presents the development of what he argued were Maryland's three most important archival institutions -- the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland State Archives, and the Baltimore City Archives. Some discussion is also given to the development of the history profession in Maryland.

Cox, Richard J., and Larry E. Sullivan, eds. A Guide to the Research Collections of the Maryland Historical Society: Historical and Genealogical Manuscripts and Oral History Interviews. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1981.
Annotations / Notes: The second of Maryland Historical Society's books describing collections from their manuscript division. See citation under Pedley for the first work. The information from both these volumes is now available on-line at Although out of print, both books are still excellent research starting points and can serve as a good introduction to the Society's manuscript holdings.

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