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Bangs, Herbert P., Jr., and Stuart Mahler. "Users of Local Parks." Journal of the American Institute of Planners 36 (1970): 330-334.
Annotations / Notes: The authors seek to evaluate the effectiveness of a 1963 Baltimore County law requiring developers to set aside space in new residential sections for small local parks. The study examines parks created in three sample rowhouse developments, based upon interviews conducted with users of the three spaces. The article concludes that the program has been successful in terms of usage, though more by children than teens and young adults, and that proximity to residence determines frequency of use.

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Barrie, Robert, and George Barrie, Jr. Cruises Mainly in the Bay of the Chesapeake. Philadelphia: The Franklin Press, 1909.
Annotations / Notes: The Barrie Brothers provide the first sailboat cruiser's look at Chesapeake Bay, seen beginning in 1899. They record incidentally a number of environmental observations.

Barry, Bill. The 1877 Railroad Strike in Baltimore. Annapolis, MD: Free State Printing, 2014.