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McHugh, Andrea E. “Hello, Camden!” Baltimore, 102 (November 2009): 140-43.
Category: Music and Theater

McKay, Kathryn. “Name That Tune.” Maryland Life, 2 (May/June 2006): 158.
Category: Music and Theater

McKay, Kathryn. “The Beat Goes On.” Maryland Life, 6 (July/August 2010): 98-101.
Category: Music and Theater

McLaughlin, Corey. “Elvis of the Himalayas.” Baltimore, 110 (June 2017): 92-95.
Annotations / Notes: Prem Raja Mahat

McWilliams, Jane. The Progress of Refinement: A History of Theater in Annapolis. Annapolis: Colonial Players of Annapolis, 1976.

McWilliams, Jane. The Progress of Refinement: A History of Theatre in Annapolis. Annapolis: Colonial Players of Annapolis, 1976.

Medland, Mary. “Baltimore’s Bluesman.” Maryland Life, 2 (March/April 2006): 45.
Category: Music and Theater

Medoff, Theresa Gawlas. “A Box-Office Sensation: Chestertown’s Prince Theatre Readies for its Close-up.” Maryland Life, 7 (September-October 2011): 38-39.

Meehan, Mary. “The Bluegrass Community.” Journal of the Alleghenies, 45 (2009): 25- 24.
Category: Music and Theater

Mellin, Jack. "Summer Community Theaters." Anne Arundel County History Notes 26 (April 1995): 6.

Meneely, Jane. "Bay Troubadors." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 30 (November 2000): 54-57, 82-85.
Category: Music and Theater | Other

Merrill, Philip J., and Uluaiour-O-Maolo Aiono. Baltimore. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 1999.
Annotations / Notes: Part of Arcadia's Black America Series, this photohistory, which uses a variety of graphic materials, gives a visual introduction to Baltimore as documented through the lives of its black citizens. Many of the photographs are the work of black photographers.

Meyers, F. de Sales. "The 'Coney Band and the Golden Age of Municipal Bands." Journal of the Alleghenies 30 (1994): 51-56.
Category: Music and Theater

Michael, Ellen M. "Professional Ensemble Performance of Contemporary Music in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1945 to 1995." Ph.D. diss., University of Pittsburgh, 1996.
Category: Music and Theater

Miles, Barry. Zappa, a Biography. New York: Grove Press, 2004.

Miller, Fred S. "The Comeback Musician." Annapolis 8 (March 1994): 9-10
Annotations / Notes: Jim Hollan.
Category: Music and Theater

Miller, Fred S. "The Navy Plays On." Annapolis 7 (July 1993): 13-14.

Miller, Karl. “Baltimore’s Honeys.” Raritan, 29 (Spring 2010): 83-89.
Category: Music and Theater

Mills, Barbara. "... And Justice for All": The Double Life of Fred Weisgal, Attorney & Musician. Baltimore: American Literary Press, 2000.

Molotsky, Irvin. The Flag, the Poet, and the Song: The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner. New York: Dutton, 2001.