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Cholochwost, Thomas. "Baltimore's Polish Pioneers." Maryland Magazine of Genealogy, 5 (Spring 1982): 3-7.

Cholochwost, Tomasz L. "Ignacy Wolinski and the Origin of Baltimore Polonia." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 23 (Spring 1982): 156-64.

Cholochwost, Tomasz L. "Lit of Volunteers in the Polish Army from Baltimore, Md." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 23 (Winter 1982): 68-70.

Chotochwost. Tomasz L. "The Emergence of Baltimore's Polonia." Polish Heritage, 35 (Fall 1984): 12.
Annotations / Notes: development of Polish community, 1870-1881

Cohen, Gedaliah. "Notes from a Hebrew Teacher's Notebook." Generations, 4 (December 1983): 33-38.

Cohen, Maxine. "The Front Street Theater Fire of 1895." Generations (Fall 1993): 9-16, 27.

Cohen, Naomi W. "Shaare Tefila Congregation V. Cobb: A New Departure in American Jewish Defense?" Jewish History [Israel] 3 (1988): 95-108.

Contreni, Maureen C. β€œSchwab v. Coleman: The Making of Enemy Aliens, Naturalization Law, and Citizens in Baltimore, 1937-1944.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 104 (Winter 2009): 418-43.

Cox, Richard J. "The Creation and Maintenance of Baltimore's Passenger Ship Lists by th Municipal Government, 1833-1866." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 22 (Winter 1981): 2-9.

Cox, Richard J. "The Creation and Maintenance of Baltimore's Passenger Ship Lists by the Municipal Government, 1833-1866." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 22 (Winter 1981): 2-9.

Craven, Wesley Frank. White, Red, and Black: The Seventeenth-Century Virginian. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1971.
Annotations / Notes: Remains the standard multi-cultural work for the 17^th century.

Crownover, Donald A. "The Ku Klux Klan in Lancaster County: 1923-24." Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society 68 (1964): 63-77.

Cunz, Dieter. β€œThe Maryland Germans in the Civil War.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 100 (Fall 2005): 359-81.

Dürr, W. Theodore. "People of the Peninsula." Maryland Historical Magazine 77 (Spring 1982): 27-53.
Annotations / Notes: Dürr presents a hundred year history (1880-1980) of four distinct south Baltimore neighborhoods -- South Baltimore (including Federal Hill), Locust Point, Riverside, and Sharp-Leadenhall. Although distinct neighborhoods they functioned as a cohesive region.

Daniels, Christine. "'Getting his [or her] Livelyhood:' Free Workers in a Slave Anglo-America, 1675-1810." Agricultural History 71 (Spring 1997): 125-61.
Annotations / Notes: Compared to slaves and servants, free, white laborers, like Nathaniel Dunnahoe in Kent County, in 1716, have been overlooked. However, Daniels found evidence of both the work they did wheat threshing, shingle and plank making, providing firewood, washing, knitting, and midwifery, among other things and the wages they earned. "Free male and female laborers in the slave Chesapeake found work at tasks either unrelated or only indirectly related to the plantation staple." (p. 157). Economic niches, apparently, existed early on.

Dash, Joan. Summoned to Jerusalem: The Life of Henrietta Szold. New York: Harper and Row, 1979.
Annotations / Notes: Henrietta Szold (1860-1945) was a social activist whose career began in Baltimore with the founding of a center and night school for recent immigrants from Russia similar to the settlement houses pioneered by Jane Addams. She later founded Hadassah, the Jewish women's organization, and became a leader in the Zionist movement.

Delibes, Miguel. "Juan Ramon Jimenez En Maryland (1943-1951)." Revista de Occidente [Spain] 46 (1967): 101-106.

Dickinson, Joan Younger. "Aspects of Italian Immigration to Philadelphia." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 90 (1966): 445-465.
Category: Ethnic History | Other

Dobson, David. Scots on the Chesapeake, 1607-1830. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1992.

Dominguez, Susan. "Snapshots of Twentieth-Century Writers Mary Antin, Zora Neale Hurston, Zitkala-Sa, and Anzia Yezierska." Centennial Review 41 (Fall 1997): 547-52.